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Activities in Hillsborough Township

Hillsborough, New Jersey is an amazing area. With countless entertainment opportunities and local attractions, residents of Hillsborough have many chances to get out and see the sights. New York City, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, and the Pocono Mountains are each only a couple hours away from the township, but many other things to do are located even closer to Hillsborough. 

Exhibit Center

Only a few miles away from the center of the township, The Garden State Exhibit Center hosts many interesting events during the year. As one of the largest exhibit centers in central New Jersey, it attracts many people to its unique events. A few of these include: the American Bridal Show, the New Jersey Golf Show, the Garden State Home Show, the Harley Rendezvous, and the New Jersey Bar Exam. 

TD Bank Ballpark

Another attraction which puts on large events is the TD Bank Ballpark. This 6,100 seat baseball park is home to the Somerset Patriots. Visitors and residents can see any of the 70+ games the Patriots play each year. If you are looking for the perfect family outing, consider a Patriots ball game!

Local Hillsborough Festivals

Exhibitions and baseball games are limited to their event locations, but the Festival of Ballooning in neighboring Readington Township can take you to the sky! This renowned hot air balloon festival sends dozens of unique hot air baloons into the sky during its peak times. Attendees can sign up for balloon rides if they want to experience the sky for themselves, or if they prefer to watch from the ground, live music and many festival games can also provide great entertainment.  

Although seeing balloons soar into the air can provide an amazing afternoon, you can keep your feet on the ground while seeing a show at the Somerset Valley Playhouse. Located in a converted one-room school house, this small playhouse  features year-round theatrical entertainment. Some of the playhouse's recent features include such popular shows as Snow White and Miracle on 34th Street. Other features that have also been performed include: Treasure Island, Wedding Secrets, Humbug, Footloose, Spamalot, Play It Again, Sam, and many others. Come see a show at this hidden gem of a playhouse!

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