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How to Ensure a Timeless Design in Your New Home

By Amy Wood in New Jersey New Homes, in New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, in Timeless Design, in New Home Tips
How to Ensure a Timeless Design in Your New Home


7 hours ago

Throughout the years, Central New Jersey residents have enthusiastically embraced orange shag carpeting, plaid wallpaper, maroon toilets and other interesting trends. As those design choices fell out of favor, homeowners were faced with remodeling projects they probably didn’t anticipate just a few years earlier. Fortunately, you can avoid making the same type of mistakes when you choose a timeless design for your new home in New Jersey. These tips will help you ensure that your home doesn’t fall victim to the latest trends.

Choose Cabinets That Stand the Test of Time

“Come up with something new every year” is probably the first item on a kitchen cabinet designer’s job description. Although innovation is certainly a good thing, cabinets that are too unique can make your kitchen look dated just five or 10 years after you move into your home. When you select cabinets, consider Shaker cabinetsor other classic styles that haven’t decreased in popularity over the years.

Cabinet color is also an important consideration. Darker woods and paint colors are particularly popular now, but like all trends, that will eventually change. If your cabinets are painted, it’s fairly easy to repaint them, but wood cabinets are a different matter. Fortunately, solid woods cabinets, unlike cheaper versions covered by veneers, can easily be stained to match the current style trend.

Keep Flooring Simple

You may love the unique color of your carpeting or tile now, but are you sure you’ll feel the same about it in the future? Neutral flooring is often a better choice because it never clashes with your furnishings, window coverings or wall color.  If you want carpeting that’s a little unique, consider buying a style that has a subtle design set against a neutral background.

Flooring made out of natural materials, such as hardwoods, ceramic, slate or stone, are much more likely to remain popular than man-made materials. If you plan to keep your flooring for years to come, invest in quality products that can stand up to decades of wear and tear. With proper care, oak floors can look just as good as the day they were installed, even 50 years later.

Choose Neutral Wall Colors

Repainting your home every few years to keep up with trends is expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, beige, white, light grays and other neutral colors will look good for years and provide the perfect backdrop for your furnishings and artwork.

If you do want to follow the latest paint color trend, use the color in a bedroom or office. When the shade is no longer current, it will be much simpler and cheaper to paint one room rather than the entire house.

Incorporate Trends Wisely

There’s no reason why you can’t incorporate trendy touches in your home, as long as you limit them to items that can be easily removed. Pillows, artwork, couches, area rugs, chairs, lamps, end tables, knick knacks, light fixtures and kitchen stools can all be replaced as trends change.

Make Changes That Can Be Easily Undone

If you do want to follow a few trends, don’t add anything to your home that will take more than a few hours to remove. Remember popcorn ceilings? The stucco covering was added to homes large and small in the 1960s and 70s. Once the popcorn trend was over, homeowners discovered that returning their ceilings to their natural states wasn’t so easy. If you want your home to be timeless, it’s best to avoid adding anything permanent to the walls or ceiling.

Wallpaper falls into a gray area. The covering can be removed without damaging the walls, but it’s a messy and time-consuming task. Before you decide to add wallpaper to a single room, or your entire home, think about the work you or someone else will have to do to remove it one day.

Timeless homes are easier to maintain and also easier to sell if you decide to relocate one day. The four-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom executive homes at Country Classics at Hillsborough offer a blank canvas for all of your decorating ideas. Contact us today to find out how you can become a homeowner before the final phase sells out.

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