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Now You Can Have a New Jersey Home Design Studio at Your Fingertips

By Amy Wood in Country Classics at Hillsborough, in Country Classics at Belle Mead, in Fox Brook at Montgomery, in Buying a New Home in New Jersey, in Design Studio


12 hours ago

Great floor plans and quality craftsmanship are essentials for building a home in which you’ll feel comfortable. But homes are very personal places, and the personal touches you add to your house are the things that make it really feel like home. 

Now there’s a great way to begin that process of personalization. Country Classic’s New Jersey Home Design Studio has everything you need to add personal touches to your new home. You’ll find everything from exterior vinyl siding and roofing materials to interior hardwood and carpet to floor and wall tiles and more. 

The design studio features a gallery where you’ll be able to customize your home with everything from a variety of cabinets and countertops to tile and even different wood types. You can browse through a wide range of fixtures and finishes to see exactly what will look great in your home. The Gallery shows you exactly how these different options look in a Country Classics home. 

What’s great about this design studio is that you won’t be left to sort out all the details on your own. You can browse through the design studio’s FAQ section and answer many of your questions or you can chat with a New Home Advisor about specific questions you may have. You can also set an appointment with our design studio director, Laura Fluharty, who can walk you through the process step-by-step and give you a hands-on look at the items you see online. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you’ll find on our new Home Design Studio. We invite you to check it out—or contact Laura to arrange a personal 15-minute call to talk about: 

  • General Price Estimates for Design Choices
  • Various Types of Materials You Can Choose
  • What Features of Your New Home are Customizable
  • The Timeline of the Design Studio Process
  • Other Questions You May Have 

It may be our new design studio, but it’s there to help you make your new home uniquely yours!


Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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