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The Upside to Downsizing

By Amy Wood in Legacy at Morgan Hill, in Williams Township, in Adult Communities, in Downsizing


17 hours ago

What’s the upside of downsizing? If you choose the right location and floor plan, a smaller footprint can actually give you more of what you really want.

Bid a fond farewell to maintenance!

A move to luxury townhome living can mean saying goodbye to time-consuming tasks such as mowing the lawn, pruning the trees, painting the house, and shoveling the walks in the winter.

Say hello to useable space.

Not all space is created equal. Just having more square footage doesn’t really matter if it’s not designed  around the way you live your life. Rooms in your home that don’t get used don’t really benefit you. As a matter of fact, you still end up heating them in the winter and cooling them in the summer. A well-deisgned townhome gives you space in places you’ll actually use, such as your kitchen and family room.

Plenty of space for “stuff!”

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean cramped quarters.For instance the Country Classics Legacy at Morgan Hill floor plans are spacious; ranging from 2,425 square feet up to a roomy 2,850 square feet. That means you’ll have plenty of space for your dining room table or other large furniture items if you choose. Plus, Legacy floor plans offer lots of spacious storage options and full basements. You’ll have plenty of room for the things you want to bring with you.

Extra space when you want it.

At a community like Legacy at Morgan Hill, you can take advantage of extra space in the 4,000 square foot Clubhouse where you can enjoy a great fitness center, a roomy and well-appointed game room, a separate craft room, a library, and more. Take a look at just some of the amenities you’ll find here.

Of course, one of the biggest questions home owners have about downsizing is when to do it.  None other than The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article entitled: “If You’re Going to Do It, Sooner is Better Than Later.”

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons sooner is better than later.

Moving is easier at an earlier age.

It’s much easier to make changes in your 40s and 50s than when you are in your 70s or older. You’re more adaptable. You have an easier time making decisions. You have the health and energy to do it now that you may not have later.

It can make financial sense.

This sometimes seems counter-intuitive. Why would you get rid of a house with a paid off mortgage? It can be easy to forget that older (and larger) homes often have hidden costs such as maintenance, higher insurance rates, higher heating/cooling costs, and higher property taxes. (Boston College even has an online free calculator to help you see if downsizing might make sense for you!)

You can spend more time living.

One of the advantages of townhome living is that some townhome communities have a lot of amenities that you can enjoy without having to maintain them, such as workout facilities, community club houses, close proximity to shopping and restaurants. On top of that, you’re not responsible for the exterior upkeep of the house or the yard. That means you have more time to pursue what you want to do.

Your kids will (eventually) thank you.

As parents get older, much of the burden for maintaining the old family house falls on the children. And if you wait too long, the really serious burden of having to move parents out of a big house can become an overwhelming task. Downsizing earlier alleviates that problem.

Of course it’s important to choose the right place to move to. Country Classics Legacy at Morgan Hill is an adult (46+) community that offers maintenance-free living in spacious, new luxury townhomes that give you access to all the amenities you value. It’s convenient to shopping, dining, and even golf. And its Pennsylvania location (just across the New Jersey line) means lower taxes. Take a look at some of the amenities you can enjoy—and check out the spacious floor plans.

We invite you to explore the possibilities at Legacy at Morgan Hill to see if now is the right time for you to discover the upside to downsizing that’s done right!

Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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