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Creating the Perfect Home Office in Your New Jersey or Pennsylvania Home

There was a time when having a home office meant little more than putting an old desk, a telephone, and a computer in the guest bedroom. You’d close the door and hope the kids wouldn’t come in and that the dog ... Read More



Community is Much More Than a ZIP Code

What comes to mind when you hear the word community? Do you think about a geographic area? Do streets and boundaries come to mind? Do you think about amenities and activities in a certain area? Is a community ... Read More



Easton Farmers’ Market: The oldest, continuous Farmers’ Market in America

Anyone considering living in Easton, PA simply needs to take a tour through the local farmers’ market. To call the Easton Farmers’ ... Read More



The Best Hospitals near Easton PA

Many adults 46 and better are opting for housing that requires less maintenance and attention—freeing them to spend more time pursuing their passions and exploring their surroundings. Of course pursuing an active ... Read More



10 Interesting Things to do in Williams Township

Chances are you already know that Williams Township, Pennsylvania is a gorgeous area. Maybe you already know that there are stunning luxury townhomes available there for those who are 46 and better. But there’s ... Read More



3 Amazing Home Automation Products for Your Williams Township Townhome

A big part of moving into a new home is adding those finishing touches that always make your new home more livable. These days, a lot of those touches are “smart” touches—things that enhance your enjoyment of ... Read More



3 Things You Need to Know about Retiring in Pennsylvania

If you’re beginning to give some thought to retirement and have considered Pennsylvania as a retirement destination, there are a few things you should know before making a move to the Keystone State. Here are three ... Read More



On The Border: The Best of Both Worlds in PA/NJ

Living on the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey makes it really convenient to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Read More



Spectacular PA Townhome Living Begins with Elegant Plans—Like Melrose

By the time you get a certain amount of life experience under your belt, you’re no longer impressed by bells and whistles when it comes to your residence. And while you may no longer need as many rooms in your home ... Read More



De-clutter your Pennsylvania Home with these 7 Easy Steps

Some people live by the axiom: “A place for everything—and everything in its place!” (Popularized by the Reverend Charles Augustus Goodrich, an American author and Congregational minister who lived from 1790 to ... Read More

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