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Outdoor Activities - Hillsborough Township, New Jersey

Looking For Outdoor Adventure In Hillsborough?

outdoor-activities-in-hillsborough-township-nj.jpgAt Country Classics at Hillsborough, we know that finding activities and spaces in your neighborhood make a town become a home. With that in mind, we wanted share some of what Hillsborough has to offer in the great outdoors.

Hillsborough is surrounded by beauty, whether it be in the nearby parks and mountain range or in the surrounding parks. With 10,571 acres of land preservation in the Township of Hillsborough, there is no shortage of outdoor activities!

Hillsborough boasts over 30% of preserved land in which you can find mountains, parks, farms, streams, greenways, and public golf courses. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure hiking in the mountains or a relaxing lunch break in a park near businesses and restaurants, Hillsoborough has a place for you.

Sourland Mountain Preserve

This 4,000 acre stretch of preserved land offers several recreational opportunities. While the Sourlands are particularly known for the wide variety of nesting birds that can be found, it is also offers hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, bouldering, and other popular outdoor activities. The Somerset County Park Commission details more information on this undisturbed, natural setting.

Hillsborough Parks and Facilities

Looking for ideas on where to spend an afternoon outdoors? Check out this Parks and Facilities catalogue for more information on nearby active parks, natural parks, and general parks in in Somerset County, where Hillsborough is located. You can find anything from nature trails to golf courses and from tennis courts to riding stables on this list.

Outdoor Events and Programs

Want to learn even more about events and programs happening in and around Hillsborough? This guide is a helpful resource in learning more about the current events and opportunities in Somerset County. Whether you are interested in kayaking, swim lessons, golf tournaments, gardening tips, or concerts, you will find yourself at home in Hillsborough!

Hillsborough Community Brochure