3 Benefits of Living in Frenchtown, NJ

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3 Benefits of Living in Frenchtown, NJ


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The perfect town might not exist, but Frenchtown, NJ, comes awfully close. It’s no surprise that this former mill town has become a popular spot for homeowners and renters alike. If you’re thinking about making a move this year, Frenchtown may be the ideal location for you if you prefer:

A Strong Sense of Community 

It’s easier to get to know your neighbors and develop a strong bond with your community when you live in a smaller town. With a population of just under 1,500, Frenchtown certainly meets that definition. Forming relationships and feeling that you really belong is much easier in small towns. People are generally friendlier and more open to welcoming newcomers.

When you walk down the street, your neighbors greet you with a smile, which can be a little surprising if you’ve just moved from an area where pretending other people didn’t exist was the norm. After you’ve been in town a few months, you may be delighted to find that local business owners actually remember your name.

Civic pride is strong in Frenchtown. If you’ve always wanted to contribute to your community, you’ll have plenty of options. Volunteer opportunities are available with the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association, the Parent/Teacher Organization at Frenchtown Public School, the volunteer fire department, the library, and the River Ambassadors. If planning and organization are among your strengths, join the committees that hold Riverfest, Bastille Day, and other popular events. Have you ever considered running for office? Why not add your name to the ballot for the next borough council election?

Small, Student-Centered Schools  

Your child won’t be just one other student in a sea of a thousand others at Frenchtown Elementary School. The school’s 8:1 student/teacher ratio makes it possible for students at the preschool-grade 8 school to receive a personalized education. The low student/teacher ratio offers so many benefits for children. The American Association of School Superintendents reports that children educated in schools that offer small class sizes are better behaved, have higher test schools, and participate more in classes.

The Frenchtown Elementary school earns a B+ rating overall and an A rating for teachers, according to Niche.com. Students participate in a variety of activities and clubs, including student council, chorus, band, yearbook, ski club, sketchbook club, German club, and S.T.E.M. club. Students in 8th grade can join the marching band at nearby Delaware Valley Regional High School (DVRHS).

DVRHS, although a little bigger than the elementary school, still offers small class sizes that help your child excel. Just over 700 students attend the school, which has an 11:1 teacher/student ratio, according to Niche.com. The ranking site awards the school an overall range of A- and also gives A grades for teachers, academics, and health and safety.

An excellent school isn’t just important if you have school-age children. When local schools offer a safe, quality education, home values and prices tend to rise.

An Excellent Place to Put Down Roots No Matter What Your Age

Living in Frenchtown is ideal if you’re:

  • Just Starting Out: Convenience to stores, nightlife, bars and restaurants, and highways make Frenchtown a good place to rent your first apartment or own your own home.

  • Looking for a Change: As your life changes, life in a laidback small town may be more appealing. If your job now offers work-from-home flexibility, it may no longer make sense to work in the city or fight traffic just to pick up a few groceries at the end of the day.

  • Downsizing or Retiring: Practically everything you need is within walking distance when you live in Frenchtown. The downtown business district is home to restaurants, shops, boutiques, and art galleries. Even the grocery store is within easy walking distance when you live at Country Classics at Frenchtown or Harrison Square.

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