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Having a Pet in an Apartment: 5 Things to Consider During Your Search

By Amy Wood in Pets, in Apartment Hunting, in pet-friendly apartment in Central New Jersey
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Pets add so much to our lives, but they can sometimes make apartment hunting more challenging. If you find an apartment you love, the complex may not accept pets. Communities that do welcome pets may not always offer the amenities you want. Luckily, it’s possible to find a comfortable, pet-friendly apartment in Central New Jersey if you keep these things in mind during your search.

Pet Policies

“Pet friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean that the landlord or community accepts all pets. Many impose restrictions on the number, breed, and types of pets that can live in your apartment. Some may not accept dogs over a certain weight. Even animals you may think couldn’t possibly be a problem, such as birds, ferrets, or exotic pets, might not be permitted in some apartments. Familiarizing yourself with the pet policies at all of the apartment complexes you’re considering can help you avoid disappointment.


Landlords and apartment communities that allow pets may require a higher deposit amount for pet owners and might also increase the monthly rent slightly. If the community advertises that it’s pet friendly, don’t assume that you’ll pay the rent listed on the website. Often, only the base rent is listed. If you plan to have pets or want to pay for extras, such as a storage unit, you may be charged more.

Recreational Opportunities

Do you know where you’ll walk and exercise your dog if you choose a particular apartment? Relying on visits to public parks can be a good idea when the weather’s warm. Unfortunately,  you might not be quite so enthusiastic about the walk or drive to the nearest park if it’s rainy or cold. The ideal pet friendly apartment offers an on-site dog run to ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercise no matter the weather.

The Rules and Regulations

Familiarizing yourself with rules and regulations can help you narrow your decision when deciding between several pet friendly rentals. During your conversation with the apartment manager or landlord, you may want to ask a few of these questions:

  • Can my dog eliminate outside the entrance to my apartment building, or must I walk him or her to a designated area?
  • Do I need to provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations and licenses before moving in?
  • Must I leash or harness my dog or cat in common areas and on walks around the property?
  • How will noise complaints be handled?
  • Must pets be spayed or neutered?
  • Can I breed animals in my apartment?
  • May I leave my pet unattended on the balcony?
  • What are the rules for disposing of pet waste?
  • Will I be charged if my pet damages a common area?
  • Can my guests bring their pets with them when they visit me?

Your Pet’s Behavior

Your pet’s behavior should be a consideration when you’re considering which apartment will become your new home. If your dog tends to bark constantly when you’re away from a home, the apartment over the bowling alley may be a better choice than a place in a multi-unit dwelling. Pets that spray or have housetraining accidents frequently may cost you your deposit. If the damage to your apartment is extensive, you may even be assessed an additional fee for deep cleaning when you move out.

Obedience training classes offer benefits for all dogs but are particularly important if you’re planning a move to an apartment. During obedience training classes, dogs learn how to appropriately interact with people and other pets and also master basic commands. When your dog learns how to heel and understands what “sit and stay” means, he or she will be less likely to dash into the parking lot in front of a car or jump up on a neighbor.

Are you ready to move to a new apartment but don’t want to sacrifice the features you want just because you have pets? Most pets are welcome at Fairway 28 – a Country Classics Community. The Bridgewater, NJ, apartments offer a variety of luxurious features and amenities, including stainless steel appliances, Silestone counters, tiled bathrooms, spacious bedrooms, washers and dryers, balconies, private garages (for an additional fee), and a dog run. Contact us to learn more about Fairway 28 and available pet-friendly apartments.



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