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Top 8 Restaurants in Bridgewater

By Amy Wood in apartment, in Central New Jersey, in restaurants, in Bridgewater
The Top 5 Restaurants in] Bridgewater


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Bustling Bridgewater isn’t just the place to go when you need a new shirt or a couch. The township also offers some of the finest dining in Central New Jersey. Whether you currently live in Bridgewater or are planning a move to a new apartment in the area, you’ll want to make time to visit these five restaurants.

Toscanas Pizzeria & Restaurant

474 NJ-28, Bridgewater

Welcome to your new favorite pizza joint. No matter if you're looking for pick up or delivery , Toscanas Pizzeria serves up delicious pizza, pasta, and salads. If you're looking to cater a birthday party, host an event, or grab a slice on the way to a gathering, Toscanas makes pizza easy. You can order by the slice online and grab it upon arrival or order multiple pizzas for delivery - whatever works for your taste buds that day.

Redstone American Grill

 400 Commons Way, Suite 140

Redstone has it all. From the stunning interior appearance and romantic atmosphere to the extensive drinks, desserts, and meals menu - you can't go wrong. As an American-style grill, Redstone offers meals such as shared plates, wood fired flatbreads, fishes, meats, salads, and more. But don't fill up on your meal, dessert just may be the best part of the menu.

restaurants in Bridgewater

Bridgewater Diner

1244 RT 22

Sometimes you just crave that late night food. And when you do - Bridgewater Diner is there for you. With all the classic late night munchies, Bridgewater Diner's mission is to make sure your dining experience feels like you're in a home away from home. 

Café Emilia

705 US Highway 202

The next time you’re in the mood for Italian, check out Café Emilia on Route 202. Unlike some restaurants that pass frozen pasta off as freshly made, the restaurant actually prepares the meals they serve onsite with fresh ingredients. Imaginative dishes like Linguini Sofia, which features mushrooms, shrimp and sweet peppers in a pink vodka sauce, or veal cutlets stuffed with prosciutto and fontina, are the reason customers keep returning to Café Emilia. The restaurant also offers French, Californian, and Italian wines handpicked to complement each item on the menu. Whether you’re looking for a special place to go for a birthday or just want to enjoy a hearty Italian meal, Café Emilia offers a convenient location and an imaginative menu.

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Bridgewater Commons

Quick meals don’t have to flavorless and fried. CAVA, located in Bridgewater Commons, offers Mediterranean-inspired ingredients that can be combined to form an almost endless array of tasty meal options. During your visit, you’ll pick a base, such as salad, grains, or pitas, then add dips, vegetables, dressings and proteins, including lamb, beef or chicken. If you’re counting calories, you’ll want to take a look at the restaurant’s online nutritional calculator to ensure that you choose an option that fits your diet plan. Whether you opt to dine in or take out, you’ll enjoy a flavorful dish that will help you honor your commitment to healthy eating.

Time to Eat Diner

270 Route 202/206 North

Eating with kids can be a challenge, particularly if yours believe that the only foods worth eating are pizza, burgers, hot dogs and spaghetti. Although you may crave more imaginative fare, you probably end up eating soggy pizza much more often than you would like. The Time to Eat Diner on the Somerville Circle offers a perfect compromise for everyone in your family. While the younger generation enjoys chicken tenders or grilled cheese sandwiches, you can tuck into chicken cordon bleu, linguini with clam sauce or tilapia Francaise. The diner offers specialty salads, an all-day breakfast menu, Polish delicacies, lunch and daily specials, and a large dessert menu that features everything from tiramisu to ice cream to cheesecake.

best desserts in Bridgewater

Pho Main Street

623 E. Main Street

There’s nothing better than a hearty bowl of Pho when you’re in the mood for Vietnamese food. The aromatic soup features a delectable mixture of broth, noodles, herbs and meat. Pho Main Street offers more than 20 Pho choices, which may make choosing the perfect combination a little difficult. Favorites include Pho with seafood, oxtail, tendon, filet mignon and brisket. If a hot bowl of Pho doesn’t sound tempting, you may want to try one of the restaurant’s rice dishes, or sample the spring rolls, Vietnamese pancakes, pork chops, shrimp tempura or Vietnamese sandwiches. Although Pho Main Street doesn’t sell alcoholic beverages, you’re welcome to bring your own.

Thai Kitchen Bridgewater

1351 Prince Rogers Avenue

Thai Kitchen is the place to go when you crave pad Thai, Thai eggrolls, beef and chicken satae or shrimp dumplings. If you’re ready to branch out to more adventurous choices, try Squid in Love, which features sautéed squid, shrimp and chicken with mushrooms, scallions and bell peppers, or Nurr Nam Toak, a tasty blend of crispy crushed rice, charcoal steak, red onions, bell peppers and scallions. Is “the hotter the better” your motto? At Thai Kitchen, you decide just how spicy you want your meal to be.

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