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4 Spring Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

By Amy Wood in Spring, in New Jersey, in apartment, in Bridgewater, in decorating tips
4 Spring Decorating Tips for Your Apartment


7 hours ago

Does your apartment look dull and drab now that spring is here? A few simple changes and additions can liven up your space after a long New Jersey winter. Why not try one or more of these decorating tips this spring?

Bring the Outdoors In

Flowering plants are an unmistakable sign of spring, whether they grow indoors or outdoors. Potted tulips or daffodils provide an instant pop of spring color in any room. After the flowers die, plant the bulbs in outdoor pots or planters. For year-round color, buy African violets, begonias or peace lilies at a Bridgewater home improvement store or garden center. The plants are easy to grow and thrive indoors.

If you don't have a green thumb or suffer from allergies, silk flowers and plants offer an excellent alternative. Today’s silk flowers and plants look more realistic than ever, last forever and won’t cause sneezing fits. Caring for them is as easy as an occasional dusting.

Upgrade Your Décor and Accessories

Getting your home ready for spring can be as simple as changing fabrics and textiles in your home. Add new throw pillows in bold colors, or swap your flannel comforter for a bedspread or duvet in a light, airy fabric. Heavier curtains can help you conserve heat during the winter but they can look out of place once warmer weather arrives. Replace them with lighter weight versions that draw your attention to the changing landscape outside your windows.

Are you getting tired of looking at the same old prints and paintings on your walls? Swap them for scenic seasonal landscapes or illustrations of your favorite flowers, or choose a few inventive modern pieces of art to add interest to your home.

Candles give your apartment a pleasing smell yet don’t produce an overwhelming, artificial aroma like air fresheners. If you’ve been burning eucalyptus, balsam, candy cane and other winter scents, now’s the time to invest in a few spring scents. Try lilac, jasmine, cherry blossom, lemon and other seasonal aromas instead.

Make Your Balcony Inviting

Your balcony expands your living space during the warmer months of the year. In fact, it’s almost like adding another room to your apartment. However, if the space is boring, you probably won’t use it much.  

Plants, colorful outdoor rugs and pillows, and stylish all-weather furniture make your balcony the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or your favorite beverage after a long day at work. Small, portable screens give you a little privacy and also offer support for moonflowers, morning glories and other climbing plants.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Retreat

Bathroom makeovers are usually quick and inexpensive due to the relatively small space of the room. This spring, why not take your inspiration from your favorite vacation spot? Add a blue-striped shower curtain, sand-colored bath mat, colorful blue towels, and a few seashells or piece of driftwood if you enjoy vacationing at the beach.

Is your favorite getaway spot a mountain cabin? A few rustic touches can completely transform your bathroom. Store towels on a shelving unit made of distressed wood or place them in a wire basket. An old wooden bucket (or reproduction) makes the perfect trash receptacle or can serve as storage for extra rolls of toilet paper. Changes don’t have to be expensive. Adding bath products or wildflowers to Mason jars doesn’t cost much but adds to your bathroom’s country flair.

It’s much easier to decorate for spring when your apartment is bright, airy and spacious. If your current apartment isn’t any of those things, it’s time to pay a visit to Fairway 28, a Country Classics Rental Community. The one- and two-bedroom apartments feature large windows and a sliding door that leads to your private balcony. The spacious open floor plan includes a generously sized living area and chef’s kitchen with Silestone countertops and stainless steel GE appliances. Contact us for current availability information. Fairway-28-Bridgewater-New-Jersey-Brochure


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