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About Bridgewater, New Jersey

With award-winning universities, beautiful parks, delicious restaurants, a great nightlife scene, convenient amenities, and much more, Bridgewater is truly an amazing place to live. Discover more about this amazing community below.

Discover Bridgewater


About the Town

Just an hour west of New York City, Bridgewater is located in beautiful Somerset County, New Jersey, a diverse and thriving municipality that provides its residents with a well-balanced mix of rural and suburban living.

The community is home to 3,600 acres of public and private parks; a Blue Ribbon public school system (Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District); employment opportunities and numerous points of interest from shopping and dining, to historical sites and minor league baseball!

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Golf Course

Bridgewater Golf

Bridgewater, New Jersey is a beautiful township just an hour west of New York City. If you currently living in the area or considering moving to Bridgewater, you might be interested local golf courses.

If you enjoy golf or simply relaxing near the green, Bridgewater has a wide variety of golf courses and country clubs making this a desirable area to live!

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Bridgewater Restaurants

Bridgewater is a unique town filled with amazing local restaurants and fine dining options. From international cuisine to American favorites, check out some of these amazing places we recommend to eat! Click on the button below for more information.

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Bridgewater Universities

The Bridgewater, New Jersey area is an ideal location for the college-bound student or someone looking to advance their career with advanced studies at college or university. The area offers a wide variety of both Ivy League private schools and public 2-year community colleges for students at all levels.

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Bridgewater Hospitals & Medical Centers

The Bridgewater area hosts a handful of hospitals and medical centers with quality care for its patients. No matter what circumstance your family faces, you can rest assured that qualified and caring professionals are nearby when needed. Click the button below for list of hospitals near Bridgewater.

If this is a medical emergency, call 911.

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Bridgewater Day Trips

If you want to take a short trip from Bridgewater, there are plenty of options just a short drive away! With big cities and great outdoor activities nearby, there are no shortages of daycations nearby!

Click on the button below to learn more about the trips available to you near Bridgewater.

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Bridgewater Transportation

Bridewater, New Jersey is not only an ideal location surrounded by opportunities and activities, but it is also a very well connected city.  Whether you prefer to drive yourself or use regional transportation, Bridewater has plenty to offer for all.

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Bridgewater Shopping

Whether you're looking for a small, local boutique or a large, sprawling shopping mall, Bridgewater has some of the best shopping options in the region including the Bridgewater Commons Shopping Mall!

Learn more about all your shopping options by clicking on the button below.

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Bridgewater Entertainment

If you're looking to move to an area filled with entertainment opportunities, Bridgewater is perfect for you!  

Whether you love going to the movies, sports games, or other local events, Bridgewater is a great place for things to do. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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Bridgewater Places of Worship

No matter what religion or denomination you follow, there are plenty of options when it comes to churches, temples, mosques, and more in the Bridgewater area. We've done some preliminary research for you as well! Click on the button below to conveniently see some of your options in the area.

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Bridgewater Pet-Friendly Amenities

Moving with a pet can be stressful when you don't know what the new location has in store for your furry loved ones. You want the very best for your pet because it's not just your new home - it's their new home also. That's why we recommend these pet-friendly amenities and places to go near Bridgewater.

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Bridgewater Seasonal Sightseeing

From blossoming fields in the spring to stunning sunsets in the summer, from leaves changing colors in the fall to glistening, snow covered sleepy towns... There's so much to see in the Bridgewater area as the seasons change!

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Bridgewater Happy Hours

Sometimes after a long day work, you just need to unwind! We get it.

Bridgewater is fortunate to not only be one of the prettiest towns in the area, but it also has a great local community. There are lots of events and activities year-round, but here are some of our favorite local Happy Hours!

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Bridgewater Nightlife

Bridgewater is a unique community filled with amazing local restaurants and great venues to visit on a weekend night. You will find a fun outing for any occasion including the perfect restaurant for a date night, or some great food and drinks to have with some friends.

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Bridgewater Gyms & Fitness

Bridgewater is filled with healthy food options, fitness centers, and all sorts of ways to stay fit, healthy, and active. If you're looking to pick a new favorite fitness center, yoga studio, or CrossFit box, or regular gym, this helpful resource has you covered.

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Bridgewater Trails

Bridgewater, NJ is a beautiful township just an hour west of New York City. While it may seem like the perfectly central location near larger cities, it is also the perfect location for those looking to be able to escape into nature. Surrounded by natural parks and trails, Bridgewater is the perfect place to live for the outdoorsy type!

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