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How to Choose Where to Live in an Apartment Building

By Amy Wood in Apartment Living


7 hours ago

Location is an important consideration if you’re renting an apartment in a multi-floor building. If you make the wrong choice, you may end up living in a noisier location or have to deal with other inconveniences for the next year. Our breakdown of the pros and cons of the various unit types will help you find an apartment you’ll love.

Lower Floor Apartments

PROS: Apartments on the lower floor are particularly convenient when moving furniture into your unit, carrying in groceries or bringing in other heavy items. Your first floor location may also offer easy access to the fitness facility, parking lot, patio and other community amenities.

No matter how well they’re built, some noise transmission is inevitable in apartment buildings. When you live on the first floor, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors if you’re most active late at night or have young children who seem to prefer running to walking. Lower floor units are usually a little cooler during the hot summer months, which may help you save money on your utility bills.

CONS: Although a lower level location may help lower your utility bills in the summer, you may spend a little more on heating bills in the winter. Noise can also be a drawback of living in a first-floor unit, depending on where your unit is located. If your apartment is just inside the front doors or near elevators, you may hear your neighbors as they pass by your door.

Middle Floor Apartments

PROS: Living on a middle floor can help you save money on utility bills year-round. The lower and upper floors offer a natural insulating effect, keeping your apartment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If other tenants in your community tend to prefer upper-level or lower-level apartments, you may have more apartments to pick from if you select a unit on a middle floor. Although your view won’t be quite as impressive as your upstairs neighbor, you’ll have a better view than the tenants on the first floor.

CONS: When you’re in the middle, you may hear some noise from your upstairs neighbors and also need to be a little careful about disturbing the people who live below you.

Top Floor Apartments

PROS: With only the roof above you, you won’t hear footsteps or middle-of-the-night furniture moving sessions when you live on the top floor. Rising heat can keep top floor units warmer in the winter, lowering your utility bill. These apartments also offer the best views of the surrounding area from your balcony, as well as the most privacy.

CONS: You will have to carry your items up to the top floor, although if your apartment community has an elevator this shouldn't be much of an issue. Your floor may be hotter than lower floors in the summer, which may increase your utility costs slightly.

Other Factors to Consider

You’ll also need to think about a few other things when you decide which part of the building is the ideal spot for you. Apartments near stairs or elevators offer convenient access to your unit, but may not be the best choice if you’d prefer a quiet location.

Apartments at the end of a corridor tend to be a little more private and secluded. As long as you don’t mind a longer walk to reach your unit, they can be a good option. Corner units offer the most privacy and may also include extra windows that increase natural light.

What about the view? Do you mind if your apartment faces the parking lot or a street? Although these apartments may be a little noisier, the rent might be a little lower in some cases.

Do you plan to use the fitness center often? Choosing an apartment close to the center may make the most sense if you expect to spend a lot of time working out. If your community rents private garages to residents as Fairway 28 does, selecting an apartment near your garage will save you steps. Proximity to local businesses is another factor to consider. At 745 Hamilton, selecting a unit close to Hamilton Street will save you a few steps when you visit local stores and restaurants.

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Amy Wood

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