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5 Tips for Hosting a Get Together in Your Apartment

By Amy Wood in Apartment Living
5 Tips for Hosting a Get Together in Your Apartment


17 hours ago

Has it been a while since you’ve thrown a party? No matter what the size of your Bridgewater apartment, it’s easy to host an amazing get-together when you try a few of these tips.

Do the Math

Space is an important consideration when you live in an apartment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only hold small, intimate gatherings. If you’d like to invite all your friends and family to a special birthday or anniversary party, reserve your apartment complex’s community room, or host an open house in your apartment and invite guests in shifts. Community rooms offer all of the amenities you need for a crowd, including plenty of seating, large-screen TVs, and kitchen and restroom facilities.

If you prefer to hold the party in your apartment, decide how many people you can comfortably fit in your home. Allow seven to 10 square feet per guest when making your calculations. If your entertaining space is 200 square feet, you could accommodate 20 to 29 people comfortably. (Since all of the guests you invite won’t attend, you can inflate those numbers slightly when issuing invitations.)

Make a Party Checklist

Without a party checklist, you may forget small, but crucial, details that can affect the success of your party. Your checklist may include:

  • Sending, emailing or texting invitations a few weeks before the party
  • Creating a menu and shopping list
  • Buying or borrowing party supplies, such as folding chairs or punch bowls
  • Cleaning and set up before the get-together
  • Decorating the public areas of your apartment
  • Choosing a playlist for your gathering

Choose Portable Menu Items

Table space is often a premium at parties, forcing guests to balance plates in one hand and drinks in the other. Inevitably, someone drops a plate or glass on the floor, spilling lasagna or red wine on your formerly pristine floor. Your guests won’t have to test their juggling skills when you offer a selection of portable foods.

Serving sliders, individual quiches, cupcakes and other self-contained foods reduces spills and stains and makes mealtime more comfortable for your guests. If you’ll be hosting an informal gathering, consider using party plates with attached cupholders.

Offer Several Food Stations

Placing all of the party food in one location is certainly convenient but may impede the flow of traffic at your party.  Put main offerings on the dining table, drinks on the kitchen counter and desserts on a coffee or side table. If you don’t mind guests spending time in your bedroom, guest room or office, a dresser or desk makes a convenient spot to hold a selection of snacks. 

When table or counter space is limited, use a card table or a piece of plywood supported by crates to create makeshift serving spaces. Once you add a festive tablecloth to your new tables, no one will ever guess what’s underneath.

Take Advantage of Shortcuts

Your guests will have a good time at your party whether you spend hours cooking and baking or buy a few prepared foods. Wegmans and other Bridgewater stores offer a varied selection of party foods, including vegetable trays, sandwiches, pizza, desserts and other items.

Too often, hosts and hostesses spend too much time in the kitchen and not enough time catching up with guests. Choosing prepared foods or those that can be made in advance will give you more time to mingle with your guests.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help on party day. Pulling off a perfect party is much easier if you divide the work. While your spouse, partner or friend buys a bag of ice for the drinks, you’ll be free to put the finishing touches on dessert.

Is entertaining space a priority in your search for a new apartment? Fairway 28, a Country Classics Community offers one- and two-bedroom luxury apartments with spacious kitchens and living areas, plus a generously sized community room that can be reserved for parties. Contact us for information on current availability.

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