How to Set Up the Perfect Work-from-Home Space in Your NJ Apartment

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How to Set Up the Perfect Work-from-Home Space in Your New Jersey Apartment


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Until just a few years ago, working from home was only an option if you were waiting for the cable guy. Today, more of us are writing reports and participating in meetings in the comfort of our own homes. In fact, the number of people in professional jobs who work from home has increased from 4 to 18% over the last two years, according to The Ladders.

While you may be thrilled to work where you live, finding the perfect spot for your home office can be a little challenging when you live in a New Jersey apartment. Luckily, our tips and suggestions will help you create a comfortable, attractive space whether you’re working from home permanently or temporarily.

Find the Ideal Location

The best place for your home office depends on your personal preferences and the size and layout of your apartment. If you do your best work in a quiet place, you’ll probably want to eliminate the living room or kitchen as a possibility. On the other hand, any spot in the apartment can become a home office if you’re not easily distracted.  

Got a one-bedroom apartment? A corner of the living room or dining area might offer enough room for a desk and chair. If you prefer keeping your office out of sight, the bedroom is probably the best choice. Put your desk opposite the bed or hide it in your closet if you have space to spare. (Coat closets also offer space for out-of-the-way desks and can be outfitted with folding desks if there’s not enough room for a standard desk.)

Two-bedroom apartments offer more options for work-at-home spaces. Your second bedroom could serve as a combination guest room/office or the hall between the two bedrooms might offer just enough room for a console table that doubles as a desk during the day.


Select Your Home Office Furniture

If you’re like most remote workers, you probably don’t want a big, institutional-looking desk in your home. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of stylish alternatives, including:

  • Writing Desks: A petite writing desk will look right at home in your living room. Look for desks that offer enough room for your laptop and a pad of paper. Put your desk behind your couch if you’d prefer to keep your working and sleeping spaces separate.

  • Fold-Down Desks: Fold-down desks are an excellent option if space is tight in your home. Your wall-mounted desk simply folds away when you’re finished working for the day. Look for colors that blend in with the wall to make your home office practically disappear from view - or choose a bright hue for a pop of color.

  • Foldable Desks: If you don’t want to be reminded of work at the end of the day, a foldable desk may be just right for you. Stash your desk under the couch or bed or in a closet until the next day.

  • Bookcase: Turning a long bookcase into your workspace offers a two-in-one solution, as this Brooklyn condo owner discovered. One side of the bookcase offers room for your chair and space to write or work on your laptop, while the other holds books and papers. Don’t want the company to see your papers? Buy a bookcase with doors.

  • Armoire: Armoires offer plenty of space for your laptop, printer, and files. Although they may not be quite as popular today as they once were, you’ll find plenty of armoires priced to sell in resale shops. Simply add a fold-out desk to create the ultimate disappearing workspace.

  • Files and Storage: Although working online has drastically reduced the amount of paper you use, you’ll probably still need to consult a few files or keep some paperwork on hand. Instead of buying a file cabinet, consider keeping your paperwork in a small chest of drawers or hiding spreadsheets in attractive baskets.


Looking for an apartment that offers plenty of room for a home office? Country Classics’ apartment communities provide plenty of space to spread out and finish your projects. Take a look at our list of communities, then give us a call and let us know which one appeals to you.


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