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How to Setup your New Apartment Efficiently

By Amy Wood in Moving, in Bridgewater Apartments, in Fairway 28, in Bridgewater, New Jersey


7 hours ago

Everybody has an idea on the best method for moving into and setting up your new apartment efficiently. Some abide by the "bedroom first" method while others swear by opening every box first. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to setup your new apartment quickly and efficiently so you can get to the fun part - stylizing!

Depending on your preferred method for unpacking and moving into your home, here are some ideas for an efficient move!

Begin by Cleaning

Once your boxes have been delivered to your new apartment, begin by cleaning. Whether your belongings were delivered by truck, mail, or friends, they have likely encountered something along the move that requires a good scrubbing. When it comes to disassembled furniture, it's always easier to clean while still broken down.

Assemble New Furniture

Next, make sure you have a way to assemble your furniture. Moving isn't always as organized as we hope, and sometimes furniture assembly manuals get lost in the process. If you can't find the manuals online, be sure to call the manufacturer - they will send you a brochure!

The Bedroom

Once you have the means to put your furniture together, start with the bedroom. Begin with the largest pieces, such as putting together your bed and dresser. Add clean bed linens so that at the end of a busy day of moving, you aren't scrambling to put your bed together.

The Kitchen

With the large pieces of bedroom put together, move into your kitchen. The key to moving into your kitchen is emptying each and every box. A large amount of your moving boxes can likely be attributed to the kitchen, between dishes, appliances, non-perishable food, pots and pans, and more. With each box emptied, be sure to take the boxes out to your dumpster. Your home will immediately feel less cluttered and more homey.


The Bathroom

When your kitchen is functional and box-free, move on to your bathroom. Moving into your bathroom seems like a small task, but it's often one of the bigger tasks because there are so many small items that go into making bathrooms feel like your own.

Arrange Furniture

With all of the major rooms that are imperative to your comfort being set up, the next big key is arranging furniture. Whether you have picked out a new look with the help of a designer or Pinterest, or if you plan on keeping your furniture and decor similar to how you may have had it before, now is your time to shine! The key is to remember that you can always move things around and upgrade design elements as you go - today is still just move day!

The Closet

Finally, move into your closet. At this point, your clothes are likely the only boxes that remain. In some cases this may require doing laundry as you go. Being boxed for a while can lead to a musty smell or wrinkles in your clothing.

Unpack Boxes

While laundry is running and your clothes are slowly being packed away, now is a great time to go around opening every box that is left. This helps you organize in your mind what is left and where it may go.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touch: set up your internet, cable, and television. By waiting for these final tasks, you won't waste time scrolling through lifestyle blogs or watching HGTV as you unpack. You have plenty of time for that once you are unpacked and settled in your beautiful new luxury apartment!

With so many options for methods of moving into your new apartment, this is just one way that works! There are plenty of other methods to check into if you think another way may be better for you personally, or for your apartment layout.

Congratulations on finding your next home and we hope you have a smooth move-in day!

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Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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