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Should You Move Into a New Apartment in 2019?

By Amy Wood in Downsizing, in Bridgewater Apartments, in New Apartments, in Central New Jersey
Should You Move Into a New Apartment in 2019


8 hours ago

Have you decided if you’ll renew your current lease this year? Although moving can certainly be a hassle, finding a new apartment in Central New Jersey may make sense in certain circumstances. We've outlined some cases in which finding a new apartment could be a good move for you this year.

Your House or Apartment is Too Big

Downsizing to an apartment makes a lot of sense if the kids have moved out or you have more square footage than you really need. In fact, moving to a smaller place can:

  • Save You Money: Your utility bill will probably be lower in an apartment. If you’re currently a homeowner, you’ll no longer have to pay property tax, hire a lawn service to care for your yard or pay for repairs to your home. Since apartments are often located close to amenities, you may also save a little gas traveling back and forth to the grocery store.
  • Give You More Time: Do you spend your weekends dusting and cleaning? When you have a large home, it may seem as if cleaning is never-ending. Fewer rooms mean less time spent maintaining your home and more time to do the things you want to do.
  • Help You Embrace Minimalism: There’s nothing like moving to a smaller home to force you to declutter. As part of the moving process, you’ll donate or throw out things you don’t need or are no longer meaningful. After you move into your apartment, you probably won’t be so tempted to buy things unless you can put them to good use.


You Have a New Job or Plan to Look for a New Position

A long commute can make a new job much less enjoyable. In fact, researchers at the University of the West of England discovered commuting just 20 minutes more made employees as unhappy as receiving a 19 percent pay cut.

If you’ve recently accepted a new job, are thinking of searching for a new job, or your company is relocating, it may make sense to look for an apartment closer to work.

You Have a New Addition to Your Family

It’s amazing how many things a baby needs. Cribs, play pens, high chairs, strollers and other infant accessories can make a one-bedroom apartment or a small two-bedroom rental feel cramped very quickly. Finding an apartment that offers a generously sized second bedroom can help you keep your baby’s belongings from taking over your living space.

Moving may also be a good choice if you’re getting married or you and your significant other are contemplating moving in together. Territorial issues can arise if one of you moves into the other’s place. Why not avoid potential problems by starting fresh in a new apartment?

Have you recently adopted a dog or cat? Although pets certainly don’t need as much equipment as a baby, the items they need can contribute to clutter in a small rental. Moving to a new apartment will help you keep your home neat and tidy. Apartment communities that accept pets may even offer a few enticing amenities, such as dog runs or washes.

Your Apartment is Old and Decrepit

Old buildings aren’t necessarily filled with character. Whether the water faucet regularly falls off in your hand, your oven doesn’t always turn on, or you’re tired of climbing three sets of stairs, it may be time to begin searching for a new place.

Apartments constructed during the last five years offer plenty of amenities and features that make your life easier, such as new appliances, freshly painted walls, hardwood floors, newer carpets, up-to-date bathrooms and kitchens, elevators and large closets.

You Need More Room for Your Hobby

Do you have room for your hobby supplies in your current apartment? If you stack your baseball card collection on the dining room table or work on your screenplay on a card table in a corner of the living room, you’ll appreciate a second bedroom that can become the ultimate hobby room or home office.

Carefully considering the benefits and drawbacks of moving can help you decide if 2019 is the ideal time to find a new apartment. If you’re looking for a convenient location in Bridgewater, NJ, you’ll want to pay a visit to Fairway 28, a Country Classics Rental Community. The luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments offer chef’s kitchens with Silestone counters and stainless steel appliances, washers, dryers, large bedrooms, comfortable living spaces, private balconies, elevators and tiled bathrooms and kitchens. Contact us and let us know when you’re thinking of moving.

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