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7 Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

By Amy Wood in Apartment Living
7 Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment


7 hours ago

Spring, summer and fall speed by, but winter seems to drag on forever. Although the view outside your window may be uninspiring during the winter months, there’s no reason the interior of your home needs to be bland or boring. These seven winter decorating ideas can turn your Central New Jersey apartment into an attractive, cozy winter retreat.

Choose Warm Colors

It may be snowing or sleeting outside, but your apartment will be warm and inviting when you add a few colorful accessories. Remember the eight-count box of crayons you used in the first grade? Your drawings automatically seemed more cheerful thanks to those deep reds, blues and greens. The same shades can also enliven your home during the winter months.

Select pillows, throws, bedding, table runners or tablecloths, towels and vases in your favorite solid or plaid winter colors. Do you have dishes or serving bowls in bright colors? Arrange fruit, pine cones or snacks in a dish or bowl or display it on the counter for a pop of color in the kitchen.

...Or Blanket Your Space in White

If primary colors don’t work for you, embrace winter white instead. Choose white accessories, display a collection of white candles, or create a do-it-yourself centerpiece by spray painting a few branches white or silver. White may not be the best choice if you have pets or children, but an all-white decorating scheme can be serene and elegant.

Swap Your Window Coverings

Most people overlook curtains, drapes and shades when changing their décor, but window coverings can offer a dramatic statement when you’re decorating for winter. Unify your decorating scheme and create a focal point by selecting window coverings that complement your color scheme.

Heavier, lined curtains keep your apartment warmer by reducing drafts. Keep the curtains open during the day to take advantage of the natural warming effect of the sun, then close them to preserve heat when it starts to get dark.

Add An Area Rug

Hardwood and tile floors can be a little cold underfoot, even if you keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the winter. Area rugs add color and make your apartment look cozy and welcoming. Better Homes and Gardens recommends choosing a rug big enough to hold all of your living room furniture or at least the front rungs of your couch and chairs.

Switch Your Artwork

Just like window coverings, artwork can be changed to reflect the season. Although paintings that feature winter scenes are always a good choice, any style of wall art that complements your décor or just makes you feel happy is a good choice. After all, art should reflect your personality first and foremost.

Photographs of your favorite winter moments are also a good choice when you’re decorating for the season. Whether they’re from recent years or your childhood, photos of snowman-building sessions, carriage rides or ski trips, add a personal touch to your apartment.

Light A Scented Candle

Are you looking for an easy way to totally transform the look and feel of your apartment? Lighting a candle with a winter-themed scent helps to add a cozy vibe to the room and can make your whole apartment smell amazing! Just be sure to blow the candle out before you go to sleep at night or whenever you leave the apartment, and be careful if you have any furry friends living with you. If you are worried about having a candle burning in your apartment, you can always purchase scented wall-plugs from your local grocery store. Winter scents such as Apple & Cinnamon, Vanilla, Fresh Snow, Sugar Cookie and Balsam are very popular for this time of year.

Showcase Your Winter Clothing

Why keep your hats and mittens hidden inside of a drawer or in the back of a closet? Winter accessories add a touch of color when you display them on a pegboard just inside your front door. Do you have a collection of old sweaters you can’t bear to throw out? Frame a favorite sweater, or use it to make a soft, festive cover for a throw pillow.

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