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The History of Bridgewater, New Jersey

Bridgewater, NJ has a rich and colorful history. From early natives and settlers to quick growth into suburbia, this city is now an excellent place to live and raise a family. But where did all of this start?

Bridgewater in the Beginning

What began as a small township purchased from a local native tribe is now a popular suburb in New Jersey. The originally English chartered town first grew as a farming community. Since its humble beginnings, Bridgewater has grown quickly out of its rural roots and blossomed into a healthy balance of residential and commercial use.

Named for the city of Bridgewater in the county of Somerset in England, this township was one of the original 104 townships in New Jersey. Dating back to 1749, it was incorporated in 1798.

History Coming to Life - Outside of a Textbook

Bridgewater, NJ bore witness to such events as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and many defining American moments.

Some of the fun claims to fame often boasted of the area include:

  • George Washington slept in Bridgewater
  • The Continental Army rested here during the Civial War
  • Betsy Ross flew her first flag here at what was known as the Middlebrook Winter Encampment

Every 4th of July, the Washington Camp Ground Association hosts a commemorative ceremony to celebrate all of the American history that Bridgewater boasts being a part of.

Bridgewater, NJ Today

Today, Bridgewater is a township of Somerset County. With a population hovering around 45,000, Bridgewater has grown quickly in size in large part due to its popularity among New York City commuters. Located just off the Raritan Valley Line, its the perfect location for those looking to commute to work but raise a family in a quiet, suburb neighborhood.

Fairway 28 in Bridgewater

Does Bridgewater, NJ sound like the perfect balance of historical, cultural, quaint, and developed for you? You can call this wonderful township home today!

Fairway 28 is the ideal location for those looking to blend community and vibrancy in Bridgewater, NJ.  Our brand new rental community boasts 51 luxury apartments with quick access to all the local outdoor recreational areas, fitness centers, golf courses, and more.

Fairway 28 wll provide you with convenient access to the amenities you love, with a peaceful country atmosphere.  Our on-site amenities include a fitness center, patio with fire pitt and grill, dog run, car wash station, bike rack, community room, and so much more! 

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