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Apartment DĂ©cor Tips That Could Save You Money This Winter

By Amy Wood in Winter, in Apartment Living, in Apartment Decorating Ideas, in Budget
Apartment DĂ©cor Tips That Could Save You Money This Winter | Country Classics


9 hours ago

Many traditional advice items for saving on your energy bills aren’t viable for renters. You can’t precisely blow in extra insulation or install a new smart thermostat. However, you aren’t entirely at the mercy of your existing space and the number on the thermostat to determine your energy bills this winter. There are many ways to accomplish this via your décor, and Country Classics is here to help you explore them.

Is it Worth it to Try and Save Money on Your Heating Bill?

When every little bit helps, finding ways to conserve energy while heating your apartment can return money to your pocket. The EPA estimates that making minor adjustments could save you as much as 17.5%, which is no small figure when electric and gas costs continue to rise. There’s no reason to suffer while you save. Use our stylish tips to look and feel cozy while keeping your apartment heating costs down this winter.

Stop Cold Air From Circulating by Choosing Decor that Insulates More

Keep cold air out and warm air in. These money-saving and chic ideas keep your apartment cozy when the temperature drops.

Draft Stoppers

These cute and inexpensive accessories sit on window sills and thresholds to completely seal a window or door. We like them best when they’re anthropomorphic, preferably shaped like adorable little dogs or caterpillars.  Draft stoppers come in so many options that you’ll be sure to find one you like, even if your cold-dead heart can’t tolerate something so twee.

Close Doors to Unused Spaces

Don’t bother heating spaces you aren’t using. Close doors and shut off vents to unused bedrooms or other living spaces. The winter season is about cozy togetherness. Draw your family and guests closer by eliminating gathering options if you’re able.

Insulated Curtains

Use blackout or thermal curtains to keep cold air from entering and warm air from leaving through your windows. You’ll reap the benefit of a perfect movie-night ambiance and luxurious afternoon naps because they’ll block the light on command. Depending on the age of your apartment, eliminating heat exchange through your windows could be one of the most important steps to increasing your energy efficiency. 

Rugs That Insulate Cold Wood or Tile Floors

If you have open hard surfaces on your floor, consider adding rugs to cover cool flooring during the winter. Double up on thick rugs for an extra plush look and insulating power.

Tapestries Aren’t for Dorms Anymore

Don’t forget about your bare walls. Sophisticated tapestry options offer style and insulation while elevating your cozy winter vibe. Though we wouldn’t begrudge anyone a throwback glow-in-the-dark throwback nod to their dorm days, new opportunities create a luxe look that doesn’t evoke such a youthful taste.

Feng Shui Yourself Warm

Don’t block the flow of warm air with a sofa, bed, or statement chair. Adjust your furniture layout so that all the warm air available finds an easy path into your space.

Keep Yourself Cozy

Decor that keeps you warm is also an essential part of your battle plan in holding onto heat this winter. Here are some of our favorite options to stay cozy in style while keeping the thermostat down.

Faux Fur Blankets

Faux fur blankets are an attractive and soft way to snuggle up and stay warm. They are as attractive as throws for daytime couch cuddles and as blankets for blissful slumber. Do you need a hooded personal faux fur blanket? Of course not, but many people who have scoffed at the idea have come to cherish theirs. Don’t dismiss wearable blanket options until you’ve tried them.

Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets keep you extra warm if you are going to set your thermostat low for the nighttime. If you pair faux fur blankets, you might find you enjoy sleeping in the cool air surrounded by a snuggly cocoon. 

Low-Energy Heated Blankets

Low-energy heated blankets are another great way to stay comfortable while you shave numbers off the thermostat. Choose the perfect setting to stay warm without overheating. These blankets are excellent for bedding and daytime couch sessions alike.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Are slippers décor? They certainly augment the cozy vibe and keep you warm. Be sure to keep fluffy socks and slippers on hand to keep your toes toasty and offer the same luxury to guests.

Light Your Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood or gas fireplace, this is an obvious heat source that you can fire up for more than a little ambiance. Even a ceramic faux fireplace space heater can add a cozy vibe and generate heat for less.

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