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2018 Apartments in Bridgewater – 5 Options to Consider

By Amy Wood in Bridgewater Apartments, in Best Apartments in Bridgewater, in Apartment Hunting, in Evaluating Apartments
2018 Apartments in Bridgewater – 5 Options to Consider


7 hours ago

Whether you prefer a rental in a converted single family home or want to live in a new complex with all the luxuries, you’ll find plenty of apartment choices in Bridgewater, NJ. Here are five options you may want to consider during your apartment search.

1) An Apartment in a Home

Do you prefer a unique space? A home conversion may be the ideal choice for you. Due to the challenges of turning the first or second floor of a single-family house into a self-contained apartment, your rental won’t look just like every other apartment in Bridgewater. Conversions often offer a number of appealing benefits, such a convenient parking, private outdoor spaces and close proximity to stores and conveniences.

An apartment conversion may lack modern touches, such as a dishwasher, in-unit washer or dryer, or central air-conditioning. If you want an apartment with the latest features and appliances or 24/7 maintenance, an apartment in a home may not be the best choice for you.

2) A Small Apartment Building

Small apartment buildings offer many of the same conveniences as units in converted homes, plus a few benefits of larger communities. Since the building is small, you’ll probably be able to park close to your apartment and won’t have to cross your fingers that a convenient parking space will be available when you return from work. While small apartment buildings can be a good choice, they often lack the amenities you’ll find in larger complexes, such as fitness centers, community rooms, large closets, elevators or the latest appliances.

3) An Apartment Community

A large apartment complex may be the ideal choice for you if want a convenient location and plenty of amenities. Many of these communities are located near major highways and transportation, making them ideal for commuters. 

All of the apartments will probably feature similar layouts and offer in-demand features, such as stainless steel appliances, solid surface countertops, tile in the kitchen and bathroom, private balconies, walk-in closets, washers and dryers, community rooms, fitness centers, elevators and on-site storage units. Bigger complexes are more likely to be noisy, and it may be difficult to find a convenient parking spot at times.

4) An Older Apartment

Older apartments definitely have more character and include details you won’t find in new construction, such as elaborate molding, vintage hardwood floors, graceful arches and large porches. Depending on the building, rooms may also be a little larger than those you’ll find in newer construction.

Basic maintenance issues are more likely to crop up, due to the age of the unit. Heating and cooling systems can be inefficient in older buildings, making it more difficult to keep your apartment cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some older homes may contain health hazards, like lead paint or asbestos. Are you handy? If you live in a converted apartment in a home, your landlord may require you to perform minor home maintenance tasks yourself.

5) A Newer Apartment

Walls are perfectly straight in new apartments, the windows are free of air leaks, and the flooring is in excellent condition. New apartments are designed with the modern apartment dweller in mind. Large kitchens with the latest appliances, walk-in closets in master bedrooms and spacious bathrooms have been created to make your life easier. Although things certainly can break, there will rarely be issues with the apartments because pipes, fixtures, appliances, walls, floors and ceilings are so new.  However, the maintenance staff is readily available should something happen.

If new apartments aren’t constructed with quality materials or finishes, you may notice the floors become damaged easily, carpets soon begin to fray, doors don’t close easily or inexpensive appliances stop working.

Fairway 28, a Country Classics Rental Community in Bridgewater, offers brand new luxury apartments featuring high-quality finishes, expert craftsmanship and the latest appliances. The one- and two-bedroom apartments include chef’s kitchens complete with Silestone countertops and stainless steel appliances, private balconies and spacious bedrooms and closets.

The pet- and child-friendly complex offers a tot lot, dog run, dog wash, a fitness center and many other amenities that make it the ideal place to live in Bridgewater. Contact us for information on apartments currently available for lease.

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