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Extra Storage and Other Reasons Fairway 28 Is a Step Above Your Average Apartments

By Amy Wood in Bridgewater Apartments, in Fairway 28, in Bridgewater, New Jersey, in Storage Solutions


17 hours ago

One of the biggest complaints many New Jersey apartment dwellers have is that there’s simply not enough storage space in most rental units for your “stuff.” If you’ve lived in an apartment you know what I’m talking about. Where are you supposed to put your holiday decorations after the season is over? What are you supposed to do with luggage in between trips?

Having the option for extra storage is just one thing that makes luxury apartment home living at Fairway 28 in Bridgewater a great choice. There are other things that you may not use on a daily basis—but want to have at your disposal if you need them. If you need your fondue pot or your really big wok or some other item for a weekend event, it really doesn’t help you if those things are stored in a storage unit in another location when you need them now.

That’s just one advantage that Fairway 28 apartments in Bridgewater offers. If you need extra storage, you can rent it—right within your building. There’s no more going to your external storage unit at the last minute to see if you can find what you’re looking for. You can simply go downstairs and check in your conveniently located storage space to find what you need. And when you’re finished using it, it’s easy to return whatever you’ve used to its storage space—at your convenience.

Of course that’s just one of the many features you’ll love about Fairway 28. If you’re looking for upscale apartment home living in New Jersey, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to floor plans. You’ll have your choice between spacious one- and two-bedroom luxury apartments ranging from a comfortable 778 square feet to a roomy 1,500 square feet. In fact, there are nine different floor plans from which to choose!

As important as space is for comfortably living, it’s not the only thing you’ll want to think about—and it’s not the only thing that sets Fairway 28 apart from conventional apartment living in the Bridgewater area. This apartment community also offers residents a 24/7 fitness center; garages for rent; a patio with benches, tables, a grill, and a fire pit; a pet spa and dog run; a secure bike rack; a community room with kitchen and cable TV; and even its own car wash station!

Naturally you won’t spend all of your time at home, but Fairway 28’s location is another big plus. The community is located in a beautiful area right off of Route 28 in Bridgewater, NJ. You’ll be close to award-winning universities, beautiful parks and trails, and great restaurants and great nightlife activities. Click here for more information about shopping, dining, entertainment, hospitals, golf opportunities and great day-trips in the area.

You’ll also be able to enjoy easy access to New York City. Suburban Transit Line 200 began express service to Grand Central Terminal and the United Nations began on October 17, 2016. The service—which operates Mondays through Fridays leaves from the Hillsborough Promenade at 315 US 206 in nearby Hillsborough Township. If you commute into the city or just go in occasionally for dinner, a show, or shopping, now you can forget about the hassle of driving and trying to park. Suburban Transit is also exploring the option of extending service from Bridgewater to New York City and is seeing input from area residents about that. Let them know your interest in providing bus service to New York City by taking the Bridgewater Survey here.

Luxury apartment home living at Fairway 28 in Bridgewater is New Jersey apartment living like you’ve never experienced before. If you want more space to live, more space for the things you need to store, an abundance of the amenities that make life more enjoyable, and a great location with easy access to New York City, you’ll want to take a closer look at these spacious luxury apartments! Those are just some of the things that put Fairway 28 a step above your average New Jersey apartment complex.

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Amy Wood

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