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6 Amazing Apartment Decorating Ideas

By Amy Wood in Bridgewater Apartments, in Apartment Living, in Fairway 28, in Apartment Decorating Ideas


16 hours ago

Not sure how to make your new Central New Jersey apartment stand out? Adding a little personality to your living space is simple when you keep these decorating tips in mind.

Create a Focal Point

Are your eyes drawn to the gigantic painting when you look at this photograph? Large paintings or groupings of several smaller paintings create an instant focal point. White walls, a common feature in apartments, offer the perfect backdrop for any painting. If you decide to add a large, colorful painting to your living room, choose furniture in more subdued colors to keep the focus on the artwork.

Use Neutral Colors Effectively

Mixing black, gray and white furnishings creates a clean, sophisticated look this living room. The trick to keeping this spacing from looking dark and depressing is the ample use of lighter colors. The white walls, chair, rug, coffee table and lampshade keep the space light and airy.

Pick an Accent Color

Using accent colors judiciously is the key to boosting the interest quotient of your apartment kitchen. Bright red stools, pots, bowls and other kitchen necessities give the room a much-needed pop of color. Accent colors work best when they’re limited to no more than two.

Make the Bed the Star of Your Bedroom

Your bed is probably the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. Why not make it the most impressive? Whether you prefer an upholstered headboard, an antique four-poster bed or a modern platform bed, using a bed as statement piece is an excellent way to boost the appeal of the room. 

Pick a Theme

You may live an hour away from the beach, but there’s no reason that your home can’t remind you of your favorite place. This room only needs a few touches of blue to evoke that beachy feel. Have you always dreamed of living in a mountain cabin, a chic Parisienne villa or an historic castle? Why not decorate your bedroom (or your entire apartment) to reflect your favorite style?

Turn Your Balcony into an Inviting Space

Balconies don’t always get the attention they deserve. Too often, they’re furnished with castoffs or generic furniture that may be functional but isn’t very fashionable. All it took was a wrought iron chair, mosaic table and a few plants to turn this outdoor space from bland to inviting. When you’re furnishing your balcony, bypass the usual section of backyard furniture and look for pieces that will make your balcony the place you want to be when the weather turns warm. 

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