6 Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

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6 Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment


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Have you thought about changing your Bridgewater apartment’s decorating scheme for the summer? Making a few small seasonal changes can really go a long way to freshen up your apartment. Here are some easy things that you can do to make your apartment look great this summer.

Remove Heavy Draperies and Linens

Heavy or lined draperies or curtains help keep your apartment warmer, but they can make your place feel dark and dreary during the summer. Pack up those winter draperies and replace them with window coverings made of lighter, airier fabrics. Muslin, voile and open-weave linens and cottons are good choices.

If you haven’t already swapped out your flannel sheets and heavy duvet or comforter, replace these items with lighter weight versions that will help you stay cool and comfortable during hot summer nights.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Potted flowers and plants add a touch of green to your home, keep humidity lower, and may even improve your mood. Kalanchoe, cacti, begonias, peace lilies, ferns, African violets, anthurium and snake plants are all good indoor choices.

Do you have allergies? Decorating with artificial plants will help your apartment look summery without triggering a sneezing attack. Today’s silk plants look more life-like than ever and are very affordable.

Choose a Beach-Inspired Decorating Theme

Nothing says “summer” quite like the beach. Bridgewater may be an hour or two from the nearest beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few seaside-inspired touches into your decorating scheme.

Add throw pillows, bed linens, area rugs or draperies in shades of blue, white, turquoise and beige to give your apartment a beachy vibe. Do you have a collection of shells in the back of a closet? Consult Pinterest and make candle holders, wall art, shadow boxes, wreaths and other objects with your stash.

Incorporate textiles to complete the look. Wicker, jute, sisal and rattan accent pieces will look right at home in your beach-inspired apartment.

Add Bright Colors

If you’re not interested in a beach theme, decorate your apartment with summer colors. Choose pillows and other accessories in vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, blues or greens. Keep in mind that using too many bold colors in one room can be overwhelming. Limit your section to one or two summer colors that complement your usual décor.

You may not have the budget or room to buy all new dishes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few new pieces in bright colors. Serving dishes, drinking glasses, tea kettles and coffee mugs in your preferred summer shades can subtly transform your kitchen and dining areas.

Change Your Artwork

There’s no rule that says the art hanging on your walls must stay the same year-round. Buy a few summer scenes or seascapes and swap them with your usual art pieces. Add a few personal touches by enlarging and framing your favorite photographs. Cute childhood beach photos or pictures from a special summer vacation will add a little personality to your apartment and complement your summer theme.

Makeover Your Balcony

Have you been neglecting your balcony lately? This bonus space offers the perfect place to extend your summer decorating theme. Add a wrought iron or wicker-look patio table and chairs or a luxurious lounge chair to turn your balcony into an inviting place to spend an evening or weekend afternoon. An outdoor rug and a few colorful, water resistant throw pillows and cushions will help tie your decorating scheme together.

Do you have plenty of ideas for summer decorating ideas but need a bigger or newer apartment? Fairway 28, a Country Classics Rental Community, offers spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments located close to Bridgewater stores and highways. The apartments feature tiled chef’s kitchens, large bedrooms and living spaces, and your very own private balcony. Contact us for information about current apartment availability.

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