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7 Common Frustrations You May Run Into When Building a New Home

Neighborhood Home Buying Checklist

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid When Building a New Home

Multi-Generational Homes – Why a Larger Home May Make Sense

Questions to Ask When Buying a New Construction Home

The Best 2019 Summer Events Near Hillsborough, New Jersey

The Best Beaches to Visit in New Jersey

The Best Summer Getaways in New Jersey

How to Lower Your Home’s Utility Costs

4 Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

Home Upgrades – What to Add Now, What to Add Later

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, New Jersey - Spring 2019

The Best Spring Getaways in New Jersey

The Best 2019 Spring Events Near Hillsborough Township

New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough: Winter 2019

Country Classics Gives Back in 2018

Hillsborough Area School Guide

Country Classics Receives 2-10 Warranty's Foundation Builder Award

7 Things to Know About Hillsborough, New Jersey, Before You Move There

Scott Van Cleef honored with NJBA’s 2018 Builder Continuing Service Award

How to Save Money for a House While Renting

The Best Skiing Getaways for New Jersey Residents

5 Things to Look for in an Open House

4 Tips for Buying a Home in the Winter

Welcome to the Neighborhood! The Country Classics Home Buying Process [Infographic]

The Best Winter Events Near Hillsborough Township, New Jersey

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorating

13 Nearby Winter Getaways in New Jersey

Should I Go with a Local or National Home Builder?

How to Retirement Proof a Two-Story House

How to Sell Your Existing Home to Buy a New Home

The Pros and Cons of a Finished Basement

Celebrating 30 Years at Country Classics

6 Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids

What’s the Best Floor Plan for a Family?

Should You Buy a Home before the Holidays?

How to Prepare Your Home for Fall in 8 Steps

The Best Fall Getaways in New Jersey

Current Deals on New Jersey Homes for Sale

Factors That Influence the Cost of Your New Jersey Home

What Does It Cost to Build a Home in New Jersey?

8 Tested and Proven Home Decorating Tips

10 Benefits of Living in New Jersey

7 Tips for Decluttering Before Moving into a New Home

How to Evaluate a Neighborhood Before Building a Home

The Living Room Checklist

The Best Towns to Visit in New Jersey

5 Interior Designs Inspired by Travel

The Best Farmers Markets in New Jersey

What to Do with the Extra Room in Your House

New Home Features You Should Seriously Consider

Amazing Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining This Season

3 Essential Things to Do Before Going on Vacation

Solar Panels – What’s the Deal?

Things to Remember When Shopping for a New Home

5 Must-Have Home Features for Retirees

Cost-Conscious Upgrades for a Home

Colors and Textures: What’s In, What’s Out

How to Improve a Bathroom's ROI

A Credit Check is Essential Before Buying a New Home

How to Create a Budget for Your New Home in New Jersey

How to Ensure a Timeless Design in Your New Home

6 Things That Make a Home More Energy Efficient

Featured Floor Plan: The Brentwood

Amazing Hillsborough Area Homes: 7 Photos to Show What Your Home Could Look Like

5 Features to Enhance Your New Jersey Home

6 Tips to Care for Your New Home’s Kitchen

Why Montgomery Township is Consistently One of the Best Towns in New Jersey

How to Create an In-Law Suite in Your New Home

New Jersey Builder Awarded for Community Support

5 Steps to Evaluating a New Home Floor Plan

Should You Build a Home in 2018?

Design Trends We See Coming in 2018

7 Tips for Evaluating a Home Lot

What Will Influence the Cost of Your New Jersey Home?

Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Wow

Does It Pay to Upgrade?

The Complete Guide to Moving

Princeton Shopping: 7 Stores You Need to Check Out

Master Bedroom Locations: Pros and Cons

How to Create the Ultimate Guest Suite in Your Home

Making Sense Out of Floor Plans for Your New Jersey Home

A Guide to Montgomery Township

How to Enhance Any Bathroom

The Essential Guide to Decorating your New Home

A Guide to Hillsborough Township

Storage Inspiration: Walk-In Closets

5 Amazing Hillsborough Restaurants You Must Try

The Ultimate Guide to Montgomery Township Schools

New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, NJ

Top 3 Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your New Jersey Home

5 Tips for Entertaining in Your Home

Why Move to Hillsborough Township, New Jersey

New Homes for Sale in Montgomery NJ

A Complete Guide to Hillsborough Township Public Schools

How to Keep Your Home Clean with a Pet

Montgomery Township New Home Costs

Montgomery Township Real Estate Tax: How Much Will You Pay

Best Places to Work in or Near Hillsborough Township

6 Tips to Declutter Your Home

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood in New Jersey

Hillsborough Township New Home Costs

Hillsborough Township Real Estate Tax: How Much Will You Pay

Commuting from Hillsborough Township: Best Cities to Work In

New Jersey Neighborhood Spotlight: Montgomery Township

6 Tips to Care for Your Kitchen Cabinets

How HGTV Creates Unrealistic Expectations for Building a New Home

How to Take Care of Hardwood Floors

New Jersey Neighborhood Spotlight: Hillsborough Township

The Best Small Appliances to Have in Your New Jersey Kitchen

Why Building a New Home Can Be Great for Your Budget

New Jersey Neighborhood Spotlight: Belle Mead

The Best Questions to Ask Before Building a Home in New Jersey

Creating a Gorgeous Guest Bedroom for Your New Jersey Home

Country Classics Holds Successful Holiday Drives for Charities

Why Building the Right New Home in NJ is Still A Smart Investment

Hillsborough and Montgomery Township—Then and Now

Finishes: Getting to the Finish Line With Your New Home

New Year, New You, New Home

New Year’s Resolutions For your NJ Home

5 Reasons Why Fox Brook at Montgomery May Be the Perfect Location for You

Choosing the Right Home Plan for Holiday Entertaining

Why Now Is a Good Time to Think About Your NJ New Home

Great Holiday Activities Near Hillsborough You Should Check Out

Community Involvement: Help Country Classics Help Others

Prepare Your NJ Home for Cold Weather with these Winterizing Tips

New Easier Access to NYC from Hillsborough

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Own a New Home in One of New Jersey’s Most Desired Communities!

Best Black Friday Shopping Near Hillsborough

Kitchen Styles and Options for Your New Jersey New Home

Treat Your Children and Your Guests Like Royalty with a Princess Suite!

Special Touches That Make Hillsborough a Great Place to Build

Quick Delivery in Fox Brook—When Waiting for Your New Jersey New Home Isn’t an Option

The Multi-faceted Study Option For Your Hillsborough Home

What Does the Ideal New Jersey New Home Look Like?

Beyond the Walls: What to Look for When Buying a Home in a NJ Community

Fall Activities in the Hillsborough/Montgomery Township Area

Building a New Home in NJ—What You Don’t Know Can Help You

Why Windows Matter in Your NJ Home—And Why We Use Andersen Windows

Kitchen Ideas for Your New Jersey New Home

More Living Space for Your NJ New Home

Discovering Great Restaurants in the Hillsborough/Montgomery Township Area

Little Choices That Make a Big Difference in Your New Jersey Home

Stretching Your Budget When Planning to Purchase a New Home in New Jersey

Making Sense Out of Floor Plans for Your NJ Home

Why Choose a Smaller, Family Builder for Your New Jersey Home?

Resources for Evaluating Your New Jersey New Home Choices

Is There Such a Thing as a Stress-Free Building Process for NJ Homes?

Who Really Wins When a Builder Wins an Award?

Exercising Your Options When Building a New Jersey Home in Hillsborough

The Benefits of Having a “Personal” Design Studio for Your NJ Home

Tips for Creating a Great Bedroom Sitting Area

When Bigger Really Is Better: Options for Expanding Living Space

Why It's OK to Ask a Lot of Questions Before You Buy a New Home in NJ

Why You May Go Over Budget on Your New NJ Home (and Why That’s Not Always a Bad Thing)

Are You Covered? Understanding What Your Home Warranty is Designed to Do

Am I Really Ready to Buy a NJ New Home?

When is the Right Time to Add Options to Your New Home in NJ?

Price-Value-Needs: 3 Factors That Have a Huge Impact on Finding the Right NJ Home

Moving with a Pet Into a New Home in NJ? Here Are Some Tips to make the Transition Easier

Creating a Great Guest Bedroom for Your New Jersey Home

Why Have a Fireplace in Your NJ Home—and Which One is Right for You?

Dealing with Analysis Paralysis When Building Your NJ Home

Budgeting For Your New NJ Home: What a Mortgage Calculator Won't Tell You

A Closer Look at the Somerset Floor Plan

What Size Lot Do You Want for Your NJ Home?

Now Is the Time to Think About NJ Schools for the Fall

Spring Cleaning? Try These All Natural Tips

Pros and Cons of Smart Homes for NJ Homeowners

Can You Still Have Character in a New Home?

9 Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops

Maximize Your Budget – Why New Homes Are Simply Better

Why Settle For Less in Your New Jersey Home?

Upstairs or Downstairs? Where’s the Right Place to Put Your Laundry Room?

Create a Multi-Purpose Garage – It’s Not Just for Your Car!

11 Tips for a Closet Makeover!

Is There Any Such Thing as a Dumb Question When You’re Building a Home in NJ?

Music and Sports Summer Camps for Hillsborough Kids

Technology and Construction: How Progress Makes Your New Home Better

Look Before You Leap Into a New Home in New Jersey

A Brief Guide to Commuting to New York City from the Hillsborough Area

Why Building in a New Community Makes Sense

6 Things to Do in Hillsborough in the Spring

3 Reasons The Classic Havilland May Be Your Perfect Montgomery, NJ Home

How to Set up the Perfect Living Room

Making Sure You Get the 3 P’s: Process, Price, Product Quality

Plan Now for NJ Summer Activities

Understanding a Home Warranty: What It's Designed to Do (and Not Do)

Why Should You Choose Country Classics for Building a New Home

What Options Make the Most Sense for Your New Home in NJ?

Used Home Problems: Plumbing Nightmares

Country Classics In the Community: Run With Rotary!

17 Amazing Facts About New Jersey History

Hillsborough Living: What’s Within Driving Range?

What Makes Building in Hillsborough Such a Good Idea?

Natural Versus Engineered Stone: The Pros and Cons

What’s New and What Does It Matter for You? A Look at Some New Innovations for NJ Homes

Fireplace Options: Which One Suits Your Needs?

Limited Time Opportunity to Own a Beautiful Townhouse in Easton PA

Time Is Money: Why Delaying Your Homebuilder Can Cost You

Start Thinking About Your NJ Garden

What Are You Waiting for? 5 Reasons You Should Buy a New Home in New Jersey

Tips for Evaluating NJ Floor Plans

Why You Need to Start Planning Your Trip to the Jersey Shore Today!

Small Appliances Every NJ Kitchen Should Have

Reclaimed Materials: How to Incorporate This Hot Trend into Your Home

Why Adding Options to Your New NJ Home Upfront Makes Sense

Exciting Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

This Could Be Your Home in Montgomery Township!

Timeless Design: Why It Pays to Go Classic Rather Than Trendy

Must-Do New Jersey Spring Activities and Events

3 of the Best Smart TVs for 2016

Building Materials: Why Quality Matters

Enjoy Winter Fun with Activities in the Lehigh Valley

Weighing Cost Vs Value When Building Your NJ Home

10 Ways New Homes Are Better

Landscaping Your NJ Home: How Much Should You Spend and What Should You Spend It On?

Selling Your Home: What You Should Know

How Do You Know If You're Building in a Good NJ Neighborhood?

How to Get a Better Fence for Your Money

Coat Drive Helps NJ Locals Stay Warm

Why the Quality of Your Windows Matters

9 Things You Can Do Around the Home for Valentine’s Day

3 of Your Biggest Decisions When Planning to Build a New Home in NJ

Exciting 2016 Interior Design Trends

When Is a Good Time to Start the Building Process for Your New Jersey Home?

10 Reasons Families Are Moving to New Jersey!

How to Create a Budget for Building a New Home?

Your Kitchen Pantry: How a Space Guests Don’t See Makes a Huge Impact

How to Reconcile Style and Budget When Planning a NJ Home

Home Buying in 2016: What You Need to Know

Wallpaper: Dos and Don'ts

Welcome to a Different Kind of Shopping—For Your Home

6 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

How to Really Clean Carpets

If You’re Hoping for a Fall Move-in to Your Home, NOW Is the Time to Start!

Legacy at Morgan Hill: Last Homes Available!

The Rug Buying Guide

Looking for Main Level Living with Great Views in a PA Home?

9 DIY Painting Tips and Tricks

Hypoallergenic Homes: Do They Exist and How to Achieve Them

The Classic Carney Offers Space, Elegance, Comfort, Intimacy and Plenty of Options

The Year in Review: Should You Buy a New Home in 2016?

Plans and Options: How to Make Your New NJ Home Fit Your Needs.

Electrical Speak: Common Terms Defined

Family-Oriented Family Rooms for Your NJ home

How What You Value in Your Home Changes with Time

Damage Around the House: Repair or Replace?

How to Get More Out of the Laundry Room in Your NJ Home

5 Top Upgrades That Increase Home Value (and Two That Do Not)

What to Look for in Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Don’t Miss Out on a Great Pennsylvania Living Opportunity

Home for the Holidays: 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Season

5 Great Motivators to Buy a New Home

What’s Your Kitchen Personality?

Preparing Your Home for the New Year: 19 Things to Do

Unique Holiday Activities in Somerset County

5 Must-Do Holiday Activities near Hillsborough Township

Family Room and Living Room: Why the Somerset Gives You Both

5 Tips for Caring for Kitchen Countertops

Fox Brook at Montgomery: Could Your Perfect Home Be Here?

Years 1 - 3: What Will Need Fixing?

Managing Information Overload: Where Do I Research my New Home?

Staying Within Your Building Budget: Controlling Scope Creep

High-End Doesn't Always = Quality

Multi-generational homes: Why a Larger Home May Make More Sense

Building a New Home Without Damaging Your Marriage

What Should I Do When My New Home Build is Going Too Slowly?

Donate a Coat and Help Those in Need

The Layman's Guide to Construction Project Management

Everything You Need to Know About New Home Warranties

Reasons Your New Home Could Be Delayed (And What You Can Do About It)

5 Common Frustrations in Kitchen Renovations

Advantages of a First Floor Bedroom Design in Your NJ Home

November Events in the Hillsborough Area

A Place in the Sun: Consider Adding a Deck to Your Hillsborough Home

What’s More Important for Your New Home—Cost or Value?

Making Sure Your Neighborhood Will Be Great Years Down the Road

Selecting a NJ Home That Fits Your Personality

When It Comes to NJ Homes, One Size—and One Style—Don’t Fit All!

Patience May Be A Virtue But It’s Not Always an Option

Relax, Entertain, or Work: The Classic Carney Lets You Do It All

Casual or Formal Entertaining Options with the Fairfax Floor Plan

Money Magazine Ranks Hillsborough 30th

How to Utilize Your Home Builder’s Expertise: Beyond the Basic Questions

Are In-Law Suites an Option for Your New Home?

What Matters in My Brentwood Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room?

Tips for Buying New Home Insurance

7 Princeton Dining Room Trends You Can’t Ignore

5 Top Places Homeowners Overspend On a New Home

Embrace the Gourmet Lifestyle with the Fine Dining Options Near Morgan Hill

5 Benefits of Including a Study in Your Fox Brook Home

Try Before You Buy: The Benefits of a Rent-to-Buy Option

Decision Time - How to Know When You're Ready to Buy a New Home

3 Exciting Hillsborough Basement Remodeling Ideas

Making the Most of Natural Light in Your Princeton Home

Advantages of Community Living in Easton

Country Classic's NJ Home Design Studio Makes Building Material Choices Easier by Bringing Everything Together in One Place

Spotlight on: The Classic Havilland

Fit for Life -- How a Daily Workout Makes a Difference

The People Behind Country Classics: Meet Peter Alvarez

October Events around Hillsborough

Featured Floor Plan: The Melrose Offers Spacious Townhome Living with Options

Fall Festivities Near Easton

September Golf Around Easton: It’s Not Too Late to Hit the Links!

Pros and Cons of Using a Mortgage Lender to Finance Your New Princeton Home

Luxury Townhome Living in Easton with Plenty of Space—and Options

You’re Smart to Build in the Right NJ Location—But Will Your Home Be Smart, Too?

3 Characteristics of a Superior Home in New Easton

Meet The People Behind Country Classics: Helenanne Bendik, Company Comptroller

Spacious Luxury in Hillsborough with Plenty of Options

Country Classics Celebrates Excellence!

Every Wall Tells a Story – Ideas for Repainting Your Hillsborough Home

Pros of Purchasing a Quick-Delivery Home in Hillsborough

Living Life: Choose Your Adult Lifestyle in Pennsylvania Today

Summer Activities to Keep Kids from Boredom in New Jersey

Summer Essentials to Pack for Your Next Vacation

Easton-Area Summer Events You Wont Want to Miss

Family Friendly Summer Outings in the Hillsborough Area

Don’t Miss Summer Music in the Easton Area

Benefits of a Gourmet Kitchen in Your New Jersey Home

Looking to Build in New Jersey? These Should Be in Your “Top 2” When Evaluating a Floor Plan

Most Popular Trends for Today’s Kitchens

Who Wins When Brokers and Builders Work Together on a NJ New Home?

Where Do Hillsborough Locals Go for Great Hair Care?

Making Your Master Suite a Quiet Retreat

What Makes the Great Room So Great?

Where Do Hillsborough Locals Turn for Superior Auto Repair? (Amwell Auto Body)

Why Pay for Upgrades When They Should Be Standard Features of an Upscale NJ Home?

How Owning a New Home in Fox Brook Benefits Your Family

Turn Your Princeton Attic into a Great Guest Bedroom

Wonderful Window Treatments for Your PA Living Room

How to Choose the Right Homebuilder for Your NJ Home

How to Make Your Little Princess Feel Like a Princess.

Golf Lovers Unite! Living in Easton Can Help You Improve Your Game

Hillsborough Is More Than Just Great Homes

Why Cranking Up the AC Isn’t Your Only Option for Cooling Down Your NJ Home This Summer: 7 Things You Can Do.

Where to Eat in Easton, PA: Two Rivers Brewing Co

New Data: Hillsborough Township is an Exceptional NJ Town

How Does Your (NJ) Garden Grow?

High Hillsborough Home Pricing Makes Building a Viable Option

Dynamic Kitchen Flooring Options for Your Hillsborough Home

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream (Here’s Where to Get It Around Easton!)

New Baby on the Way? Create a Dream Nursery in Princeton, NJ

Be a Tourist Forever by Living near Trenton NJ

Make Your Easton Garage More than Just Car Storage

Kitchen Design: Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Easton Home

Keeping the Kids at Home: Entertainment in Your Easton PA Home

Why Materials Matter in Your New Jersey Home

Common Home Buying Myths and How They Can Hurt You

What Makes Country Classics Homes Unique

NJ Gardens for Impatient Gardeners

Cheers! Here’s to the Best Pub in Easton, PA

Preparing Your NJ Lawn for Summer: Things You Need to Know

Where is the New Jersey Home Market Headed?

Morgan Hill, PA: Some Come for the Views—Others Enjoy “The View”

What Does It Cost to Add a Personal Touch to Your New Hillsborough Home?

8 Reasons to Build a New Home Instead of Buying a Previously Owned House

Is the Consumer Energy Source of the Future Already Here?

Do All Good Things Really Come to Those Who Wait?

Answers to Common Questions About Buying a New Country Classic NJ Home: What’s “Standard?”

3 Hospitality Tips for Entertaining Guests in your Easton Home

The Upside to Downsizing

Creating the Perfect Home Office in Your New Jersey or Pennsylvania Home

Meet The People Behind Country Classics: Amy Wood, VP of Operations

Smart Living for Your NJ Home? Yeah, There’s An App for That!

Why Princeton NJ Is Great for a Day Trip!

Country Classics at Belle Mead is Sold Out!

2015 Kitchen Ideas for Your New Jersey Home

Which New Home Loan is Right for You?

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Bring Order to Your NJ Home

7 Ideas for Saving Money on Your NJ Utilities This Summer

How to Design a Media Room for Your NJ Home

Now You Can Have a New Jersey Home Design Studio at Your Fingertips

Community is Much More Than a ZIP Code

Hillsborough: An Insider’s Look at a Place to Check Out

The Sourland Mountain Preserve: Enjoying Nature in Your Own Backyard

Do Look Down! Choosing Between Hardwood and Carpet for Your NJ Home

Moving in 2015? These 7 Tips Can Make It a Smoother Transition

Choosing the Upgrades That Will Make Your NJ Home Extra Special

Picking the Right Plan: Comparing Two “Classics” from Country Classics

Public Libraries near Hillsborough Township

Amazing Bakeries in Hillsborough Township

Easton Farmers’ Market: The oldest, continuous Farmers’ Market in America

27 Years of Making Dreams Come True at Country Classics

Adding Your Own Personal Touches to a Great NJ Home

Higher Education near Hillsborough Township: Universities and Colleges You Can Commute To

Renting vs. Buying a New Jersey New Home: What you Need to Know

Building a New Jersey Home, Joining a Community

4 Landscaping Ideas for Your New Jersey Home

Fun Coffee Shops in the Hillsborough Area

The Best Hospitals near Easton PA

Why is This the #1 Selling Home in Country Classics at Hillsborough?

When You Want the Best But Don’t Want to Wait: Inside 29 Holecomb Drive in Hillsborough, NJ

Who Are The People Behind Country Classics?

Top Home Design Trends in 2015

8 Advantages of Owning a Country Classics Home

10 Interesting Things to do in Williams Township

3 Amazing Home Automation Products for Your Williams Township Townhome

2015 New Jersey Home Color Trends

Is your New Jersey Home Kid-Safe?

3 Inspiring Design Sites to Spark Creativity in Your New Jersey Home

4 Reasons This Dream Home Could Be Your "Home Address"

3 Things You Need to Know about Retiring in Pennsylvania

"Community Focus" – Amazing Local Attractions

New Jersey Home Insurance 101

9 Tips for Selling Your New Jersey Home Faster

On The Border: The Best of Both Worlds in PA/NJ

5 Reasons Why 2015 Could Be a Great Year to Buy a New Home in New Jersey

8 Ideas for New Jersey Spring Cleaning in 2015

5 Things You Can Do around Your Home to Make Someone Feel Loved on Valentine's Day

Showcase Floor Plan: The Castleton at Country Classics in Hillsborough

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing: 5 Insider Tips

5 Energy Efficient Products that Can Cut Your NJ Energy Costs Instantly

How to Search For—and Find— the Right NJ New Home in 2015

3 Simple Steps to Keep Your New Jersey Home Warm and Dry this Winter

Super Bowl Sunday: How to Make Your New Jersey Home the Perfect Game Zone

Spectacular PA Townhome Living Begins with Elegant Plans—Like Melrose

De-clutter your Pennsylvania Home with these 7 Easy Steps

8 Things to Do near Williams Township, PA

Moving to a New Home in New Jersey: 8 Tips for Handling Your Kids and Pets

14 Things to Do in and Around Hillsborough Township, NJ

5 Features That Can Make Your Montgomery Township Master Suite a Relaxing Escape

The Upside to Downsizing: 3 Things You Won't Need in a PA Adult (46+) Community

Why Location Matters: Where to Build a New Jersey Home

New Jersey Showcase Home of the Week: The Classic Carney

3 Quick Fixes to Make Your New Jersey Home Greener and Save Money

Does the Benefit of Buying a New Hillsborough Home Balance Out Having to Sell Your Old Home?

When Should You Perform Maintenance on Your NJ Home? That Depends . . .

How to Choose the Ideal Floor Plan for your New Jersey Home

Montgomery Township: Living Here Puts You Close to Everything

4 Reasons Adults 46+ Should Look at Homes in Pennsylvania

What's your Favorite Color? How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your NJ home

Finding Financing for Your NJ Home

5 Things to Look for in a Pennsylvania (46+) Adult Community

5 Things Every NJ New Homeowner Needs to Know

How to Prepare your Hillsborough Home for the New Year

Which Hillsborough New Home Extras Fit Your Lifestyle?

Don't Let the Weather Stop You, Now is the Perfect Time to Start Searching for a NJ Home

Holiday Shopping: Best Places to Go Near Hillsborough New Jersey

6 Tips to Reduce your New Jersey Home's Energy Consumption This Winter

What’s the Most Important Room in Your New Jersey Home?

Inspecting My New Home in New Jersey: What Should I Look For?

Building Your New Jersey Home: Big Lot or Small Lot?

Choosing a Home in Montgomery Township: How Are the Schools?

Enjoy Great Views—Inside and Out at This PA Active Adult Community

A Gourmet Chef Kitchen for your New Hillsborough Home?

Do Hillsborough Schools Make the Grade?

What Does a Quality NJ Homebuilder Look Like?

Downsizing Your PA Home Maintenance Without Sacrificing Square Footage

Can Your New Jersey Home Have Too Much Personal Touch?

New Jersey vs Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax: Who Wins?

What to Look for in a PA Active Adult Community

Where Are Home Prices Headed in NJ?

Building a New Home vs. Buying an Existing Home - Hillsborough Township, NJ

5 Easy Steps to Select a New Jersey Homebuilder

Don’t miss the Legacy at Morgan Hill Fall Weekend Sales Event!

Decorate Your Country Classics Home for Fall!

New Homesites Released in Country Classics at Hillsborough!

Simplify your new home search with a checklist!

Somerset County named one of the best places to live in the US!

End-of-Summer Incentives at Legacy at Morgan Hill!

Enjoy Your Own Staycation This Summer!

It's Musikfest Time!

NEW Design Under Construction in Country Classics at Belle Mead

Country Classics Awarded For Excellence

5 Reasons Why Buying Brand New is the Best Thing to Do

How To Host A Successful Barbecue

10 Ways to Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day

Fox Brook at Montgomery is ALL NEW… New Homes, New Town, New Features!

Last Chance To Put Your Feet Up In Luxury!

Our Residents Are Simply Head Over Heels About Legacy at Morgan Hill!

Find out why people love living at Legacy at Morgan Hill!

Country Classics Donates to Local School

Legacy at Morgan Hill Spring Open House!

Sitework Moving Along in Fox Brook at Montgomery

Legacy at Morgan Hill - Ready When You Are!

Country Classics Supports Local Sailor!

The Time is Now at Legacy at Morgan Hill!

Quick Delivery Home Coming Soon in Belle Mead!

Hillsborough Named One of the Safest Communities!

Another Successful Holiday Drive!

Legacy at Readington - SOLD OUT!

Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence!

Country Classics Holiday Drive!

Last Opportunity in Legacy At Readington

Fox Brook at Montgomery - Coming 2014!

12 Ways to Sell Your Existing Home - #1 Landscaping

Only 2 Homes Available in Legacy at Readington!

Country Classics Team Honored at 2013 CBRA Awards of Excellence!

GuildQuality’s 2013 Guildmaster Award Honors Country Classics

Blowout Sale at Legacy at Readington

Time is Almost Up at Legacy at Readington

Legacy at Morgan Hill Springs into Action

Building 2 Opening Success at Legacy at Readington

Last Chance to be at Legacy at Readington!

Country Classics at Belle Mead - Selling Out Fast!

Legacy Model Opening a Hit!

Live and Play at Legacy at Morgan Hill


Legacy at Readington, “It’s the Details.”

Coming Soon - New Model Grand Opening at Legacy at Morgan Hill

Award-Winning Year

Holiday Drive Success!

Design Tip Tuesday: Hang those stockings!

Spotlight On: 4 Whetherell Road

Legacy at Morgan Hill - Best Community in the Lehigh Valley

Design Tip Tuesday: Unexpected Decorating Places!

Design Tip Tuesday: Repurpose those jars!

Country Classics Holiday Drive!

Design Tip Tuesday: Decorating those shelves!

Design Tip Tuesday 11/13/12 - Spring Garden Preparations!

Design Tip Tuesday 11/6/12 - Area Rugs!

Design Tip Tuesday 10/30/12 - Don't Ignore Hallways!

2nd Phase of 4B Now Available in Country Classics at Hillsborough!

Building 2 is Almost Finished in Legacy at Readington!

Why Wait When You Can Move Now?

Country Classics Sweeps 2012 NJ CBRA Awards!

Legacy at Morgan Hill Offers Prime View Locations