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Hillsborough Area School Guide


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Falling in love with a home without considering the reputation of the schools never ends well. High-quality schools boost property values and make it easier to find buyers who will pay your asking price when you’re ready to sell. Although poor-performing districts could certainly improve, you’re taking a risk if you buy a home in a questionable district.

Luckily, school district quality isn’t an issue when you buy a new home in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. Hillsborough schools offer a challenging curriculum that prepares students to excel at their studies and in life.

Hillsborough Schools Are Highly Rated

Niche.com gives Hillsborough Township Public School District an A+ overall rating and ranks the school 22nd (out of 243 New Jersey schools) in quality. Class sizes are small with an average 11:1 teacher/student ratio, which helps teachers really get to know their students and their unique learning styles.

High school graduation is an excellent indicator of school quality, as the best schools tend to have high graduation rates. Almost 98 percent of Hillsborough High School students graduate in four years, and 89 percent of them attend a two- or four-year college or university, according to the New Jersey School Performance Summary Report.

Schools Provide a Well-Rounded Education

Thanks to the district’s 1:1 initiative, students become proficient using computers at an early age. Chromebooks with touch screens are issued to students in grades five through 12 and can be taken home at the end of the day. Students not only use them for homework, but also conduct research and create videos about subjects that they’re studying.

Students in the district’s six elementary schools are exposed to Chinese and Spanish as part of the standard curriculum. Fourth graders can also participate in the free Languages Extended Exploration Program (LEEP) if they’re interested in learning about other world languages. The week-long afterschool programs cover French, German and Italian.

The high school offers a variety of honor classes and more than 20 advanced placement courses, including literature, calculus, computer science, physics, biology, European history, U.S. government and politics and psychology. Since college credit is earned after successfully passing the AP subject matter test, your son or daughter may be able to graduate a semester or even a year early from college thanks to credits earned during high school.

High school students who show outstanding academic ability are recognized by admittance to the National Honor Society or the art, music, Latin, Spanish German, Italian or French Honor Societies.

The district doesn’t forget about special needs students. It offers services at all grade levels that help students perform to the best of their abilities. The special education program also provides speech and language assistance and physical and occupational therapies.

Extracurricular Programs Go Beyond the Usual Clubs and Sports

Chess club, chorus and football are popular activities at Hillsborough schools, but students have many other interesting choices too. Intermediate school clubs are dedicated to current events, circus, Harry Potter appreciation, computer coding, ultimate Frisbee and other topics, while high schoolers can explore anime, computer programming, speech, dance, skiing and weightlifting.

The high school offers 29 sports, including football, cross country, track and field, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, gymnastics, swimming, ice hockey, lacrosse and field hockey.

Before and Afterschool Programs Offer Convenience for Working Parents

Getting your children to and from school can be a challenge when you have to be at work before school starts and don’t arrive home until a few hours after classes end. Catholic Charities offers before school programs starting at 7 a.m. at Auten Road Intermediate School and Hillsborough, Sunnymead and Woods Road Elementary Schools.

Afterschool programs, offered at the intermediate school and every elementary school, include homework assistance, arts and crafts, and snacks. The programs run until 6 or 6:30 p.m., depending on the location.

If you prefer to send your child to an afterschool program at a local daycare, the district may even provide transportation. Every elementary school provides buses that transport children to several local daycare centers.

Have you been looking for a new home in an excellent Central New Jersey school district? Country Classics at Hillsborough is just a short drive to the local elementary school or the intermediate or high school. The four-bedroom, 2.5 executive homes offer plenty of room for your entire family and feature large family rooms and comfortably sized bedrooms, including optional Princess suites, for your children. Contact us to learn how you can become a homeowner during the final phase of the community’s development.


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