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New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough: Winter 2019

By Amy Wood in new home, in Central New Jersey, in Hillsborough
New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough Winter 2019


7 hours ago

Lots are selling quickly as we finish the final phase of Country Classics at Hillsborough. More than 800 people currently call the Central New Jersey community home, but we still have room to welcome new neighbors.

Choosing the ideal lot for your new home can sometimes be trickier than it seems. Even after considering the pros and cons of each lot, it can still be hard to make a decision. After all, you can’t move your house to a new lot if the orientation turns out to be less than ideal. 

Benefits of North-Facing Lots

North facing lots tend to be very popular simply because they boast consistent lighting throughout the day. No matter if you love sunrise, afternoon glow, or sunset lighting the most, a north-facing lot can provide the full spectrum of lighting throughout the day. The back of a north-facing home is typically cooler in the evening as well, providing the perfect place for bedrooms as the sun sets.

In the Northeast, wind typically moves west to east, so a north-facing home can also prevent any unwanted wind seeping in through main doors and windows.

Some also believe that a north-facing home is beneficial when considering magnetic forces. Magnetic forces generated in the North-pole provide positive vibrations to homes facing north.

Benefits of South-Facing Lots

South-facing lots offer a few benefits that other orientations don’t, including abundant sun exposure. The front of your house will be bathed in warm sunlight during the day, which may keep your heating bills lower in the fall and winter.

Although a southern orientation may mean that your house is a little warmer in the summer, the effect may not be as pronounced as you might think due to the relatively high position of the sun. Simple modifications, such as adding shades that can be opened or closed from your smartphone, or circulating cooled air with a ceiling fan can help keep you comfortable.

Sun-loving plants thrive on south-facing lots. If you’ve ever been disappointed when a plant or flower slowly withered away due to lack of sun, you’ll be thrilled with a south-facing lot. Hydrangea, forsythia, coreopsis, yarrow, hibiscus, lilacs and purple coneflowers all grow well on lots that face south.

Do you plan to generate some or all of your electricity with solar panels? South-facing lots help you take advantage of the natural benefits of the sun to reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of East-Facing Lots

Do you enjoy waking up with the sun?

Selecting an East-facing lot provides the benefit of waking up with a beautiful sunrise every morning. Your home will slowly be flooded with light in a natural circadian rhythm, allowing you to sip your morning coffee in the soft morning sunlight and warmth.

It is also said that east-facing homes with ample front-facing windows provide good luck and good health. Morning sunlight is known for its healthy properties, so the more you and your family can enjoy, the better!

Benefits of West-Facing Lots

Western exposure offers a less-sought sunlight benefit - afternoon glow.

If you prefer to spend your afternoons in a living room or dining room with ample windows in the front of your home, then this is the perfect lot orientation for you. For example, if you work some afternoons from home, you could build a floor plan that allows you to bathe in afternoon sunlight with a home office at the front of your west-facing home.

With special window treatments, you can also reduce any glare as the sun increases in intensity in the late afternoon.

Act Soon if You Want a New Home in Our Final Phase in Hillsborough

All available lots are noted on the Sales Availability Map for Phase 4A.*

Homes are going fast, but you’ll still find a few south-facing lots available on LaTourelle Drive, Lutes Drive and Gorman Court. If you prefer a southwestern exposure, you’ll want to consider some of the available lots on Murphy Drive.

As much as you like your neighbors, you probably don’t want to live too close to them. Unfortunately, builders often cram large homes on lots so small that your neighbors’ windows are only a few feet from your own. With lot sizes of a half acre or larger, privacy is never an issue at Country Classics at Hillsborough.

Spacious Floor Plans Offer Plenty of Room for the Whole Family

No matter which floor plan you choose for your lot, you won’t have to worry about space issues. Ranging from about 3,200 to almost 5,000 square feet, the executive homes at Country Classics at Hillsborough are big enough to host a New Years’ Eve Party for your friends and extended family, yet cozy enough for intimate dinner parties or movie screenings.

Are you considering purchasing one of Country Classics’ largest south-facing lots but aren’t sure which floor plan to choose? Depending on the lot size you choose, you can’t go wrong with the 4,880-square-foot Somerset floor plan. The plan features four large bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms. The master bedroom suite is more than just a place to rest your head. It’s big enough to offer a separate sitting area and contains a walk-in closet that’s large enough for your entire wardrobe.

If you’re thinking about aging in place or want the flexibility of a first-floor bedroom, the office can be expanded and turned into a bedroom suite. The morning room, located off both the family room and kitchen, offers the perfect place to enjoy your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

The Classic Carney provides another option for your south-facing lot. The 3,680-square-foot home features a large kitchen with breakfast room, a sunken family room with a fireplace and the option to add a morning room. Upstairs, you’ll find three bedrooms, plus a master bedroom suite with a luxurious soaking tub and a separate shower.

Are you ready to move but haven’t found the perfect home yet? Pay a visit to Country Classics at Hillsborough. The executive homes are designed with discerning buyers in mind and offer a long list of amenities and features. Contact us for the latest availability for all of our homes sites.

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*Speak with a Sales Associate regarding availability as our map changes frequently due to deposits and contracts. Subject to errors and omissions.

Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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