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What’s the Best Floor Plan for a Family?

By Amy Wood in new home, in Central New Jersey, in Hillsborough, in floor plan, in family
What’s the Best Floor Plan for a Family


7 hours ago

Square footage isn’t the only factor to consider when buying a new home for your family. In fact, a well-laid-out home with fewer square feet can occasionally be a better choice than a larger home with an inconvenient floor plan. Here are a few floor plan considerations to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a new home in Hillsborough or Central New Jersey.

Where Are the Bedrooms?

Ideal bedroom placement usually varies depending on the ages of your children. When the kids are young, it makes sense to keep them close to you. After all, it’s much easier to handle middle-of-the-night feedings and requests for another drink of water when your children are just down the hall. If togetherness is important to you, you’ll want to make sure that all of the bedrooms are on the same level.

As your kids become more independent, both of you might enjoy a little more separation. Are your children teenagers or adults who only visit occasionally? You may prefer the peace and privacy of a first-floor master suite. Adding a first-floor bedroom suite can be a good idea even if your kids are little. While they’re young, you can use the space as a guest suite, then move downstairs when your children are older. If you plan on aging in place, just like 71 percent of people 50 to 64, a first-floor bedroom suite is a must. Want to see where our bedrooms are located? View our floor plans here.

Does the Home Have a Mudroom?

No matter what the ages of your family members, a home with a mudroom is always a plus. Located just inside the back door or near the garage entrance, mudrooms offer space to kick off your shoes, hang up coats and stow backpacks. Close proximity to the laundry room means dirty or muddy clothing never enters your living area. 

Is the Floor Plan Closed or Open Concept?

Some people prefer open concept floor plans, while others like a home with a few walls and doors. If you have young children, an open concept floor plan may make it easier to keep an eye on your kids. However, open floor plans can be noisy and don’t offer private spaces. A floor plan that offers separate living and dining rooms but combines the kitchen and family room can offer a good compromise. Discover how our floor plans are laid out here.

Are There Any Bonus Spaces?

You never know when your needs may change. Your formally spacious home seem a little cramped if you have a new baby or your son moves back into the house after college. The most versatile homes offer a little extra space to expand or stow your stuff. Three-car garages, extra bedrooms, home offices and large walk-in closets add space, flexibility and functionality. Finished basements, the ultimate bonus spaces, give you the room to create spacious game rooms, home theaters, exercise rooms, bars, guest rooms or play rooms for the kids.

Is the Floor Plan Ideal for Older Members of the Family?

If older family members live with you or visit frequently, you may want to choose a home that offers accessibility features. When you tour homes, look for:

  • At least one entryway without steps
  • Wide hallways and doorways
  • Door levers and light switches that can be easily operated with just a touch of the hand
  • Non-slip flooring
  • A first-floor bedroom suite with grab bars, a higher toilet and a walk-in shower

How is the Overall Flow and Layout?

Flow is an important consideration during your search for the perfect house. Is the dining room next to the kitchen or on the other side of the house? Must you take a circuitous route to reach the laundry room? Is there sufficient separation between the bedrooms and the living areas of the home? Is the garage attached? Although opinions about ideal flow and layout vary among homeowners, finding a home that offers the ideal flow for you will help you avoid regrets about your decision.

If your ideal floor plan includes four bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, spacious family room and plenty of flexibility to add a three-car garage or a first-floor master suite, you’ll want to pay a visit to Country Classics at Hillsborough. This gorgeous new home community offers large lots and all the space you need for your family. Homes are selling quickly during our final phase. Contact us soon if your family would like to become the newest members of our community.

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