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A home as unique as you!

The Country Classics Design Studio is where your personal touch begins! Our award-winning studio is furnished with hands-on samples of the nationally recognized brand name products that go into your home. 

I look forward to walking you through the design process step-by-step as you create your Country Classics dream home.

Country Classics Design Studio Coordinator Amanda Stem-1 Amanda Stem

Imagine The Possibilities


While you’re envisioning your new home, look online and through magazines for inspiration and looks you love. Collect your images on Pinterest or in a file folder to help you with your choices.


Our Design Studio Coordinator, Amanda, will help you firm up your ideas and offer suggestions. She loves sharing the newest trends and developments in new home design with all of our home buyers.

Make a Plan
Make a Plan

Coordinating with Amanda, you’ll map out your choices for every room of your new home, making sure that all your choices work together visually, and with your budget.

Bring it Together
Bring it Together

Amanda will review all of your interior and exterior selections with you before finalizing your choices. Once that happens, construction takes over – and you'll be one step further in building your dream home!

Let's get started!


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P 908-359-0056

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