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6 Gifts To Get For Your Home This Holiday Season

By Amy Wood in New Jersey Home Living
6 Gifts to Get for Your Home This Holiday Season


7 hours ago

Have you included a few items for your home on your holiday wish list? During the holiday season, stores stock an incredible selection of items that make your life easier and more comfortable. You don’t even have to battle holiday traffic to buy these items. After just a few clicks or swipes on your favorite online store, your gift will be on its way to your Central New Jersey home in no time. Read on for our top gift ideas for your home this year.

Braava Robot Mop

The Braava Robot Mop from iRobot is the perfect accompaniment to your robot vacuum. Ideal for hardwood, tile or stone floors, the self-propelled mop uses precision jet spray technology to ensure that your furniture, walls or rugs don’t get wet while your floors are being mopped.

The mop changes modes based on the type of pad you attach to it and uses electrostatic forces to sweep and wicking fibers to mop. You can control the robot mop using your smartphone and decide when mopping will begin and which rooms will be cleaned.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

The holidays just aren’t the same when family members or friends live in distant cities. Thanks to the Long Distance Friendship Lamp, you can let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them any time of the day or night.

When you order the lamp, you’ll receive two lamps, one of which you’ll send to your friend or relative. As soon as you touch your lamp, its twin will glow in your friend or loved one’s home. The Friendship Lamps stay connected through WiFi and can be set to display any color you want.

Verdmo Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

You’ll never have to guess if it’s time to water your garden or potted plants when you buy a Verdmo Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor. The sensor notifies you via an iOS/Android app when it’s the ideal time to water. If you’re concerned about water usage, the Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor can help you avoid excessive usage due to watering too frequently. In fact, the manufacturer claims that the product can decrease water usage for your plants, lawn or garden by up to 40 percent.

Haven Towel Warmer

Do you feel a chill when you step out of your shower or bathtub during the winter months? The Haven Towel Warmer offers a simple solution and doesn’t involve any complicated instructions or set-up process. Just place two towels inside the warmer and close the lid. When you’re finished bathing, your towels will be warm and toasty. The warmer heats towels up to 120 degrees, includes an automatic shutoff and can be plugged into any outlet.

Split Decision Pie Pan

When your family members can’t agree on which pie they prefer for dessert, you’ll be glad you ordered the Split Decision Pie Pan. The pan features a divider down the middle that allows you to make two completely different half pies. The divider can also be removed if you want to make a whole pie.


It’s difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep if your bed is uncomfortably hot or cold. Luckily, the BedJet solves that problem with an innovative forced-air cooling and heating system for your mattress. The remote-controlled, smart home compatible unit fits under your bed and keeps you cool or warm without any uncomfortable wires or tubes.

The unit evenly distributes warm or cold air over the surface of your bed and can be programmed to switch from warm to cold at any point during the night. The two-zone version of the BedJet just may help end arguments about the ideal room temperature between you and your spouse or partner.

Are you unhappy with your current home? Why not give yourself the ultimate holiday gift – a new home by Country Classics! Continue exploring our website to learn more about all the new home options we have available to make your spirits merry and bright!

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