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Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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Summer Getaways Near Frenchtown New Jersey



The Best Summer Getaways Near Frenchtown, New Jersey

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The Best 5 Restaurants in New Jersey

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A Complete Guide to Frenchtown Public Schools



A Complete Guide to Frenchtown Public Schools

Is school district information one of the first things you look for when you read real estate ads? Good schools aren’t just important if you have school-age children. School district reputation affects home prices ... Read More




River Towns in New Jersey

Access to a river was a key consideration when New Jersey settlers chose a new place to put down roots. In addition to providing an ample source of water, rivers made it easy to travel from ... Read More



5 Summer Activities in New Jersey

In 2020, COVID-19 lockdowns closed nearly everything fun in New Jersey. Luckily, the situation has improved this summer. ... Read More




Things to Do In Frenchtown, NJ

Frenchtown, NJ, is the ideal place to live if you’re looking for a new hometown that offers plenty to do. Located on the banks of the Delaware River, the former mill town is home to a ... Read More



Where to Go Boating in New Jersey

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time on the water, whether you’re traveling in a tricked-out motorboat or a one-person kayak. Luckily, New Jersey offers plenty of lakes and ... Read More

Best-Restaurants-in-Frenchtown-New Jersey



Best Restaurants in Frenchtown, New Jersey

No matter what your favorite type of cuisine, you’re bound to find a restaurant that tempts your taste buds in Frenchtown, NJ. The borough offers a variety of take-out, casual and upscale ... Read More

Spring activities in New Jersey



5 Spring Activities in New Jersey

Did you develop a case of cabin fever over the long, cold winter? Now that spring is finally here, you’ll find plenty of things to ... Read More

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Where to Go Hiking in New Jersey

There’s no better place to enjoy the beautiful warm weather than on a trail. Whether you enjoy tackling a challenging trail deep in the forest or prefer a more leisurely walk along a sandy ... Read More

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