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Relocating to a New Jersey Home: Kids and Pets

By Amy Wood in Buying a New Home in New Jersey, in Moving
Relocating to a New Jersey Home: Kids and Pets


9 hours ago

As much as you look forward to finally walking through the doors of your new home, there’s no doubt relocating can be stressful. In fact, 45% of Americans surveyed by North American Van Lines said moving was the most stressful event in their lives.

You’re not the only one feeling that strange mixture of excitement and anxiety about the move. Your kids and pets are bound to be affected by such a big change too. Fortunately, trying a few of these tips will make your New Jersey move a much more pleasant experience for the entire family.

Offer Plenty of Advance Notice 

Imagine how upset you’d be if you found out you were moving just a week or two before the big day. Just like adults, kids need to time to adjust the news. Generally, the more notice you can give your kids the better.

It’s only natural for children to feel a little sad or apprehensive about leaving your current location. During the weeks leading up to the move, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss your kids’ feelings about moving and talk about some of the positive aspects of relocating. For younger kids, Dr. Laura Markham of Aha! Parenting suggests creating a book about your move. The book can include the story behind your move and pictures of your old and new homes, in addition to the things children can look forward to in your new town.

Involve Your Kids in Your Home Search

After you tour new home communities in New Jersey, ask your children what they did and didn’t like about each home. If your kids can’t make the trip, many new home builders, like Country Classics, offer virtual tours. Tours offer the perfect opportunity to discuss paint colors and other ways your son or daughter can personalize their new room.

Ask Your Children to Help

Children feel more involved when they’re part of the process. Young children can help pack their favorite toys, while teens might use their Internet search skills to find the best places to dine, shop or hang out in your new town.

Get Familiar with Your New Hometown 

Once you’ve decided on a home, make a trip to check out your new surroundings. Stop by the playground, park, sports fields, dance studios, restaurants, and other areas of interest. Ask if you can visit the school your kids will be attending and meet the teachers. It’s also a good idea to find a veterinarian and pediatrician before you move. If you’re new to New Jersey, join the local Facebook page and ask for recommendations.

Want to ensure that your children feel right at home from the very first day of school? Coffee and Carpool blogger Nicole recommends buying school spirit wear or tee shirts in school colors to ensure your kids are prepared for school spirit days and other events.

Make Moving Day Easier for Young Children and Pets

Although older kids will want to be part of the fun of moving day, younger children and pets may have a more enjoyable experience if they spend the day with family or friends who live nearby.

If your kids and pets will be with you on moving day, keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Find a Special Place for Pets During the Move: Place your pets in a quiet room with food and water (and a litter box if you have a cat.) Once the movers leave, follow the ASPCA’s advice and gradually introduce your pet to the other rooms in the home.

  • Update Your Dog or Cat’s ID: Swap your pet’s old tags with new ones with your updated address when you start your move. Don’t forget to change your address in the microchip registry if your pet is microchipped.

  • Take Care of Your Kids’ and Pets’ Needs First: Make your child’s bed and unpack his or her toys and belongings before you fill the kitchen cabinets or tackle the stack of boxes in the garage. Unpack your pet’s food and water dishes, toys, bed, and other supplies next.

  • Keep Your Pet Safely Secured in Your Vehicle: Pets can become injured if they’re not protected while traveling in your car or truck. Crates and carriers offer the safest option for travel, whether you’re relocating 10 miles away or 1,000. After you place your pet in its crate or carrier, thread the seatbelt through the handle before clicking it in place.

  • Pet-Proof and Childproof Your New Home: If you’ll have access to your home before moving day, take a little time to make your home safer for your children and pets. Add childproof locks to toilets and cabinets, put safety plugs in outlets, make sure screens and railings are secure, and install guards in upper windows to prevent falls.

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