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5 New Years' Resolutions for Your Home


7 hours ago

You may already have a few resolutions in mind for yourself, but what about your house? Every home, no matter what its age, can benefit from a little extra attention. This year, why not improve your Central New Jersey home with a few repairs and upgrades?

Fix-It, If It's Broken or Worn  

It’s easy to overlook the little and not-so-little things that are wrong with your home. After all, the flickering light fixture, worn carpet, dripping pipe or strange noise coming from your furnace may not seem like huge issues now. Unfortunately, minor issues have a way of becoming major problems that exhaust your home repair budget.

A dripping pipe can turn into a leak that destroys your finished basement, while those ominous clunking sounds coming from the furnace may mean that you’ll wake up one morning with no heat. Worn carpet or flooring might not be catastrophes, but they detract from your home’s appearance and make it less comfortable. Chances are you can find a few things in your home that need a little attention. Taking care of home issues now will help you avoid costly problems in the future.

Buy Something New for Your Home   

How long has it been since you’ve brought something new into your home? Furniture, artwork, and accessories give your home character and make it a comfortable, welcoming haven. Changes don’t have to be major or expensive to have an impact. New curtains or a painting bought at a thrift store can give your living room or bedroom a brand-new feel.

Have you owned the same furniture for years? Although classic pieces like dining room tables and desks often stand the test of time, living room and bedroom furniture may eventually seem unfashionable and outdated. If your tastes have changed, keep your eye out for pieces that reflect your current style sensibilities. Are you still loving your comfy living room couch, but not the fabric? Reupholstering it will make it look brand new.

Clean Your Closets and Storage Areas

The living areas of your home may be tidy and organized but what about the hidden parts of your home? Overflowing closets are a common problem for many of us. A Closet Maid and One Poll survey of 1,000 women revealed that 25% of respondents thought their closets were unorganized and 44% struggled to find something in their closets at least once a month.

If you’ve been meaning to clean your closet, attic, or basement but haven’t found the energy, why not make 2022 the year you get organized? When you tackle your cleaning and recognized project, ask yourself if:

  • You will use it in the next year: If not, donate it or sell it. (Of course, some things shouldn’t be thrown away. If your family isn’t complete yet, it won’t make sense to get rid of baby furniture or clothing.)

  • You like it: If you don’t even like the things cluttering up your home, there’s no reason you need to keep them.

  • It’s in good condition: In most cases, you’ll want to get rid of torn, stained, or damaged belongings.

  • It has sentimental value: Keep anything that has special meaning to you and your family.

  • It doesn’t belong to you: If not, ask your friends or family members if they’re ready to find a new home for their stuff.


Add Technology to Your Home

Technology makes it easier to use everything, from your car to the appliances in your home. These days, you can control practically everything in your house with your smartphone. Whether you’re in the next room or the next county, smartphone-controlled devices make it possible to turn the lights on, unlock your front door from your phone, or pre-heat the oven remotely. When you install a smart shower with a sound system, you’ll enjoy your favorite music while you get ready for the day and can even turn on the water before you get out of bed.

Find a New Home or Apartment

Have you done just about everything you can to improve your home, but it’s still not as comfortable as you’d like? It may be time to start looking for a new place to live. A brand-new home, like the ones Country Classics builds, gives you modern features and amenities and offers plenty of room for all of your needs. Let us know if one of our communities sounds like the ideal place to call home. Country Classics at Frenchtown is now for sale... contact us to learn more about availability today! 

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