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Is the Consumer Energy Source of the Future Already Here?

If you’re considering buying a new home in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Tesla may not be the first name that pops into your mind. That may change in the future.

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Smart Living for Your NJ Home? Yeah, There’s An App for That!

There has been a lot of talk about “smart homes” over the past few years. Homeowners love the idea of being able to control what goes on in their homes right from their smart phones or tablets. Every time you turn ... Read More



7 Ideas for Saving Money on Your NJ Utilities This Summer

Summer is coming! For many of us that means relaxing and fun in the sun—and maybe a trip to the Jersey Shore. But summer is also a good time to save on the utilities in your NJ home, and the good news is: It’s not ... Read More



How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing: 5 Insider Tips

Nothing turns a winter wonderland into a nightmare faster than a frozen water pipe. And it’s a bigger problem than just paying a plumber to replace a few feet of pipe. Depending on where the pipe bursts, you could ... Read More



5 Energy Efficient Products that Can Cut Your NJ Energy Costs Instantly

Homeowners today are more concerned about energy-efficiency than ever. Not only does that keep money in their pockets, but it’s also easier on the environment around them. Where do we consume the most energy when ... Read More



3 Simple Steps to Keep Your New Jersey Home Warm and Dry this Winter

If you love snow skiing, winter may be one of your favorite times of year in New Jersey. After all, we’ve got the Poconos practically in our backyard! But the snow and cold that make winter skiing fun can be a ... Read More



3 Quick Fixes to Make Your New Jersey Home Greener and Save Money

According to energy.gov (the U.S. Department of Energy’s website) heating your home accounts for 42 percent of the energy you use. Heating the water in your home consumes another 18 percent and 6 percent goes ... Read More



6 Tips to Reduce your New Jersey Home's Energy Consumption This Winter

It’s that time of year when the reading on the thermometer goes down and your home energy consumption—and utility bill—goes up. Here are six suggestions to help you keep a lid on energy consumption and cost this ... Read More



Inspecting My New Home in New Jersey: What Should I Look For?

After you’ve built your beautiful New Jersey dream home, there’s still something you need to do before you move in: A final walk-through/inspection. You will have spent a lot of time and effort—and a significant ... Read More

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