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A Guide to the Cost of Living in Frenchtown, New Jersey



A Guide to the Cost of Living in Frenchtown, New Jersey

Cost of living is an important consideration when you’re considering buying a new home. Although home cost is certainly a key factor in determining if Frenchtown, NJ, is the right place for you, you’ll also need to think about taxes, childcare...

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Interest Rates Of Home Ownership New Jersey



The Impact of Interest Rates on Home Ownership

Interest rates affect how much house you can get for your money and what you can expect to pay in monthly mortgage costs. Familiarizing yourself with a few interest rate basics can help you make informed decisions when you’re searching for a new...

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Reasons To Buy New Construction Winter New Jersey



Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home in the Winter

Are you waiting until the weather warms up to begin your search for a new home in Central New Jersey? You may want to rethink your timing. Buying a brand new home during the winter offers a few advantages you might not have considered, including...

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Why It’s a Good Time to Buy a Home

Have you put off buying a new home due to concerns about the housing market? With conditions expected to stabilize in 2021, now is an excellent time to purchase a house in Central New Jersey.

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Where is the New Jersey Home Market Headed?

People with an eye on the economy always want to know where the housing market is headed—whether they’re buying a home or not. Fortune magazine reported that when David Blitzer, the chairman of Standard and Poor’s Index Committee, was asked to...

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