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New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough Summer 2019

Patience is definitely the most important virtue if you’re building a new home – unless you buy a house already under construction. In fact, these Quick Delivery homes built by Country Classics at Hillsborough will be ... Read More

New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, NJ, Spring 2019



New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, New Jersey - Spring 2019

Buying a new home in Central New Jersey doesn’t have to involve months of waiting for your house to be finished. In fact, the quick delivery homes at Country Classics at Hillsborough are ... Read More



Quick Delivery in Fox Brook—When Waiting for Your New Jersey New Home Isn’t an Option

Nobody is really sure who first uttered the phrase, “Timing is everything,” but whoever it was got it right. There’s nothing quite like being in the right place at the right time. ... Read More



Maximize Your Budget – Why New Homes Are Simply Better

When deciding how to go about buying a home, many people are stuck trying to decide between an older home (possibly even a fixer-upper) and new construction.

Read More



Technology and Construction: How Progress Makes Your New Home Better

When most people think about technology, smartphones, tablets and websites may come to mind. Construction probably isn’t the first thing that occurs to them. However, construction and homebuilding have been ... Read More



Natural Versus Engineered Stone: The Pros and Cons

Whether you’re opting for customized new construction or one of the many quick delivery homes out there, if you’re buying a new home in 2016, one of the deciding factors for you will ... Read More



Time Is Money: Why Delaying Your Homebuilder Can Cost You

So you’re buying a new home in New Jersey this year, and you’ve decided against quick delivery homes, because you want to be able to choose floor plans and finishes. It’s new ... Read More



What Are You Waiting for? 5 Reasons You Should Buy a New Home in New Jersey

If you’ve been considering buying a new construction home, shopping for a New Jersey homebuilder or weighing the pros and cons of Read More



10 Ways New Homes Are Better

As long as people have been buying homes, there’s been the debate about whether to buy an existing home Read More



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