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Country Classics Home Builders' Blog

Welcome to the Neighborhood! The Country Classics Home Buying Process [Infographic]

12 December, 2018, 03:16PM by Amy Wood in resources for NJ new homebuyers, in New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, in Central New Jersey homebuyers

Welcome to the neighborhood! You may be wondering what you should expect when purchasing a new home at Country Classics. This detailed infographic has all the information you need - so let's dive in!

Buying a new home doesn't have to be complicated. There are a few important dates to note, details to consider, and plans to maintain, but the Country Classics team is your ally throughout the whole process.

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Tags: resources for NJ new homebuyers, New Homes for Sale in Hillsborough, Central New Jersey homebuyers

Resources for Evaluating Your New Jersey New Home Choices

18 July, 2016, 06:00AM by Amy Wood in NJ luxury homebuilders, in new homebuilder in NJ, in resources for NJ new homebuyers

Moving into a new home in New Jersey is a pretty significant undertaking—especially if you haven’t done it before. Many people have concerns about the process but aren’t really sure where to turn for guidance. Here are a few questions you may face as you evaluate your new home choices in NJ. We’ve also included some resources that canhelp you answer those questions.

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Tags: NJ luxury homebuilders, new homebuilder in NJ, resources for NJ new homebuyers