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Used Home Problems: Plumbing Nightmares

By Amy Wood in New Construction, in Home Decorating, in Home Remodeling


6 hours ago

There are people who, when considering buying a new home in New Jersey, decide that they are looking for an older home with character. They love the more traditional architectural styles and want a home with history. We understand. It’s why we always bring old-world charm and details into our modern, efficient homes.

However, while many people also have romantic ideas about renovating their older home and transforming it from a grand (if tired) old building into a beautiful showpiece home, there are a few things you should consider before diving in to a major renovation. One of those used-home problems you need to be aware of is plumbing. Often, the older the home you buy, the more nightmares are hiding in the pipes. Here are some of the more common plumbing issues.

Lead Pipes

If you follow the New Jersey news, you will have seen that in March this year, several schools in Newark were shut down due to fears of lead in the drinking water. The reason for this is that the pipes in many older New Jersey buildings were still made out of lead. Since there is no amount of lead that’s safe to ingest, this is a major health hazard and can be a very costly fix.

Galvanized and Cast Iron Pipes

Many older buildings in New Jersey also have galvanized or cast iron pipes.  While these can last for a long time and aren’t inherently dangerous, they do eventually rust, and that can lead to leaks, blockages and other problems. It’s also worth noting that steel is a good conductor, and if you also have slightly dodgy electrical wiring in your historic or older home, you might have an even bigger problem.

Clay Pipes

Many older homes used clay sewer pipes leading to municipal waste lines. Because clay is porous, these pipes can soften over time and even collapse under your basement floor, leaking their contents into the surrounding soil. We’re pretty sure we don’t need to spell out why that’s a bad thing!

Waterproofing Headaches

It’s not only the pipes in an older home that can be problematic. It’s also everything around them. Older homes may have been built long before proper waterproofing was figured out, and they almost certainly don’t take advantage of new materials that are water- and mold-resistant. Combined with leaking pipes, materials that are insufficiently waterproofed can create a huge problem inside your walls.

New Homes, Done Right

One of the main reasons we always recommend people consider buying new homes in New Jersey rather than renovating older homes, is that new homes (especially the ones we build) are done right from the start. We use the latest, high-tech, correct materials for the job, and we install all the plumbing in our homes according to the latest building regulations.

That means that while you probably won’t want to change anything for a while, you also don’t have to worry that you will open up the walls one day to find your own plumbing nightmare.  And that is a worthwhile investment in peace of mind. 

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