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Why Have a Fireplace in Your NJ Home—and Which One is Right for You?

By Amy Wood in Luxury NJ homes, in fireplaces in NJ homes, in benefits of NJ new home fireplace


6 hours ago

Many of our new homes at Country Classics include a fireplace in the Family Room. A gas fireplace is the one you get initially, but you can opt for a wood burning fireplace if you wish!

But why include a fireplace in the first place? And if you do, what kind of fireplace makes the most sense for you?

Why choose a fireplace?

Unless you live in a cabin in the woods, you won’t need a fireplace to heat your home. Fireplaces in our Central New Jersey communities are generally added to homes to achieve a sense of ambience.

The mere presence of a fireplace creates a whole different feel to a room. It often becomes the focal point of the room and suggests a place that’s ideally suited for comfortable conversation. On cold winter days (yes, they’ll be back to New Jersey before you know it), there is something indescribably inviting about the warm glow of a fire in the family room. If and when you decide to sell your home, a house with a fireplace shows well. In fact, it’s often a significant selling point in higher-end homes.

What kind of fireplace makes the most sense?

There is a certain amount of personal taste and preference involved in this decision. Some individuals simply love the look, feel and even smell of a wood-burning fireplace. The good news is that today’s fireplaces and inserts burn much more efficiently than the ones from years ago that sent most of the heat (and pollutants) right up the chimney. Today’s wood-burning fireplaces burn hotter and more thoroughly, allowing you to keep more of the heat you want in your family room. And because they burn more effectively, fewer pollutants are released.

Increasing numbers of homeowners opt for the convenience of natural gas fireplaces. You can have a fire at a moment’s notice—with the simple touch of a button. It looks like a real wood fire, but without any of the mess or cleanup a wood fire requires.  Even on a rainy summer day, you can have a fire to take the chill off and to brighten the mood. There’s no need to go out to get firewood. You simply turn the fire on!

Even if you have a romantic, late-night fire, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the fire to go out. You simply turn it off and head for bed. And because today’s gas fireplaces are so efficient, you’ll most likely notice very little change in your utilities usage.

If you’re looking for something to create a sense of warmth and welcome, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a fireplace in your new home—whether it’s a new wood-burning unit or a modern gas fireplace. It’s one option that pays off in both enjoyment and financial return on investment.


Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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