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Building Materials: Why Quality Matters

By Amy Wood in New Construction, in Home Decorating, in Home Remodeling


6 hours ago

When you build a new home, you have two basic options: do things the right way, or do them cheap. Cheap rarely ever equals well made, and it’s a careful balancing act to choose the right materials and finishes, and still build a new home that is affordable. Here are a few reasons why choosing quality building materials for your new home just makes more sense:

Reputable Manufacturers Want to Uphold Their Reputation

Quality products typically come from established companies, who have built a reputation for the quality of the products they supply. Because of that, they’re more likely to respond quickly and satisfactorily when something goes wrong. The after sales service, replacement policy and even onsite inspections you get from reputable manufacturers are far superior, and worth the extra costs involved—costs which are often not that significant to begin with.

Quality Products Have Watertight Warranties

When you choose cheap building materials, chances are good you won’t get a warranty, or it’s very limited in scope and time frame. When you choose quality materials, you get comprehensive, long term warranties against defects and failure. You’re buying peace of mind, for years to come.

Quality Products Have Proven Track Records

When you buy quality building materials, chances are also good they have been tested extensively, put through their paces, improved and tweaked over many years, until they deliver the very best in strength, durability and functionality. Many will have scientific or lab test results to back up marketing claims, and usually there will be a large number of real world references available. Buying cheap alternatives probably won’t give you that, and since they may also not offer the same level of build consistency, you can never really be sure what you’re getting.

Quality Materials Are Better for Project Timelines

Not choosing quality materials can lead to delays at your home's worksite. There’s a good chance that at least some of the products you buy will not be suitable or usable, and will have to be sent back to the manufacturer. When that happens, it can delay critical tasks on site, which can delay your overall project.

Quality Materials Are More Eco-Friendly

Quality building materials are more likely to be made in an eco-friendly manner. Eco friendly materials are also often made to last longer. Since they last, longer they will not need replacing as often. This saves you money in the long run! Additional manufacturing or replacement materials will increase the emissions and carbon footprint of your home, so if you care about the environment, it’s always better to choose products that will last longer.

Generally, contractors who opt for higher quality materials and finishes tend to be the ones that care about the end product, and want to deliver something that they are proud to put their name on. Because they know that cheap alternatives are not likely to deliver those results, they typically will not use them. If you are considering working with a home builder who is open to using cheap materials, then you might want to reconsider your builder. The cost savings are not worth the compromise.

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