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High-End Doesn't Always = Quality

By Amy Wood in New Construction, in Luxury Homes, in buying a home in New Jersey


6 hours ago

The term “high-end” has become interchangeable with high quality in recent years, but the truth is, while it does indicate that something costs a lot of money, that does not necessarily mean that the product will be better quality. Here is what we mean by that:

High Prices Are Sometimes Marketing Tactics

Most people do not realize that pricing can be a marketing tactic, but it was brilliantly proven by the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, who famously built their brand by raising their prices and promoting exclusivity, and who are set to do the same thing again.

Sometimes, pricing is not a true reflection of the value of an item, but rather an attempt to create scarcity value, exclusivity and demand. The same is true for any industry, including the building materials industry.

High Quality Materials, Bargain Bin Install

Another way that the quality of a high-end item in your new home could be compromised is if the item is installed incorrectly. Shoddy workmanship, lack of attention to detail or incorrect wiring or plumbing can damage high end materials just as they can cheaper products, and the final finishing of your home really does rely in equal parts on the quality of both.

Trendy Ages Quickly

Another scenario in which your high end, expensive fixtures and finishes will not be worth their weight in gold is when you choose overly trendy options. Just because something is fashionable and expensive now that does not mean it will age well. Remember the orange, brown and wood paneling that was everywhere in the seventies? It was the height of fashion then, but no one wants it now.

If you are going to choose high end finishes and fixtures for your new home, make them classic, so that they retain their value for longer, and add to the long-term resale value of your home.

When it is a Knock Off

It may surprise you to learn this, but even in the building materials industry, there are cheap knockoffs of high quality brands that are used to fool homebuyers into believing they are getting an expensive product, when they are actually getting a cheap copy. This is a worst case situation, because in this case, you would be paying the high price, but getting low quality.

It Does Not Always Have to be the Most Expensive

The truth is, in homebuilding as in life, the most expensive option is not always the best. Your homebuilder should be able to advise you when to splurge and when to save. Very often, you can save money and get a product that is every bit as durable and high quality, albeit it less flashy. High quality does not always mean most expensive, or have anything to do with price at all. Be aware of that, and exercise caution when you find yourself using the terms interchangeably.

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Amy Wood

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