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The First 5 Things to Buy After Moving into a New House

By Amy Wood in home building
The 5 First Things to Buy After Moving into a New House


7 hours ago

Add “buying spree” to the list of things you’ll need to do when moving into your Central New Jersey home. Purchasing a few of these items will make your new house feel like home before you know it.


Most new home owners have to buy at least a few pieces of new furniture. Even if your furniture is in good condition, it may not complement your décor or fit the scale of the rooms in your new home. If you’ll be moving to a larger home, you probably don’t have enough furniture to fill the rooms in your new place. In addition to furnishing the interior of your home, don’t forget about the exterior. You’ll probably want to add a few comfortable chairs and tables if you have a patio or deck.

Kitchen Gadgets and Gizmos

Do you have a gadget and gizmo wish list? If space was tight in your old kitchen, you may have put off buying the things that would make cooking more enjoyable or easier. Now that you have plenty of room, consider buying a few of these small appliances and gadgets:

  • An Instant Pot for quick, easy meal preparation
  • An in-home composting unit
  • Countertop wine chiller
  • Air fryer
  • Professional blender
  • An upgraded coffee or espresso maker

Security System

Most burglars aren’t very ambitious. If a home presents a challenge, they’ll bypass it. In fact, 60 percent of burglars surveyed by UNC Charlotte researchers reported that a security system would make them move on to another home.  

Burglars don’t just steal your belongings. They may also damage windows, doors, walls and floors when they enter your home or remove large items. Fortunately, you can make your home much less attractive to thieves by prioritizing the purchase of a security system. Add a system after you move in or ask your builder if security system wiring can be installed during construction of your home.

Artwork and Accessories

Artwork, throw pillows, window coverings, area rugs, knickknacks and other accessories are often overlooked when new home owners plan move-in budgets. Before you go on an art-buying expedition, think about:

  • Scale: A tiny print will look insubstantial on a large expanse of wall, while a gigantic canvas may overwhelm a smaller space.
  • Your Style: It doesn’t matter how many other people love it if you don’t like a piece. Art should reflect your personality and style aesthetic.
  • Changes: Do you plan to change the paint color of your walls soon? You may want to delay your purchases until you paint if you want the artwork to complement the colors of your walls.
  • Trends: Do you want to incorporate the latest art trends in your home? Saatchi’s 2019 Trend Report notes that metallic tones, bold colors, intricate patterns, botanical-inspired prints and gallery walls are popular this year.

Lawn and Garden Supplies

Manicured lawns and blooming flowers don’t happen without a little work. If you’ll be the one responsible for caring for your lawn, you’ll want to start comparing lawn mower options. A riding or self-propelled mower is a good choice if you have a large lot. Do you already have plans for your flower beds and vegetable garden? Add hoes, spades, weeders, pruning shears, rakes, tillers and tools to your shopping list.

Does your backyard look a little bare? Your builder will plant grass and a couple of trees with the cost of your home, but you’ll probably want to augment the basic landscaping package with a few selections of your own. Consider adding shrubs and flower beds to the front of your home, which will add to its curb appeal.

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Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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