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Should You Buy a Home before the Holidays



Should You Buy a Home before the Holidays?

Are you ready to make a move but aren’t sure if the holiday season is the ideal time to buy a home? Holiday house hunting offers some surprising ... Read More




What Does the Ideal New Jersey New Home Look Like?

What does the ideal New Jersey home look like? That depends on whom you ask. Different families have different tastes, lifestyles, and needs. There are, however, some characteristics ... Read More



Reclaimed Materials: How to Incorporate This Hot Trend into Your Home

If you’re thinking of buying a home in New Jersey this year and you want something that you can really put your stamp on, then customized new construction is certainly the way to go. ... Read More



Home Buying in 2016: What You Need to Know

The US housing market has recovered significantly in recent years, and there are more people buying these days than there have been for a long time. While that’s a good sign for the economy, it also means that ... Read More



The Year in Review: Should You Buy a New Home in 2016?

It is hard to believe that 2015 is nearly over, but there are only a few weeks left until the big count down to 2016, and it is nearly time to start planning for next year. Considering how well the economy is doing ... Read More



High-End Doesn't Always = Quality

The term “high-end” has become interchangeable with high quality in recent years, but the truth is, while it does indicate that something costs a lot of money, that does not necessarily mean that the product will ... Read More

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