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How to Create a Cozy Home During the Winter

By Amy Wood in Winter
how to create a cozy home during the winter


17 hours ago

Turning your Central New Jersey house into a comfortable retreat doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. These tips can help you create the ideal place to relax and recharge, no matter what the size of your home.


Replace Lightweight Curtains with Something More Substantial


Curtains help tie your decorating scheme together, but window treatments aren’t just decorative. Heavy, thermal-insulated curtains prevent heat from escaping and reduce chilly breezes, keeping your home warm and cozy. For additional protection, follow The Family Handyman’s suggestion and install a cornice over the top of the curtain rod. The cornice seals the gap at the top of the curtains, enhancing their ability to keep your room warm.


Open the curtains during the day to take advantage of the warming effects of the sun, then close them just before the sun sets.


Set the Mood with Lighting


Bright white lights may be appropriate for office settings, but they make your home feel cold and sterile. The next time you shop for light bulbs, look for LED bulbs that emit “warm” or “soft” white light. These light bulbs have a slightly yellow tint to them that creates an appealing glow. Pair the bulbs with off-white or darker-colored lamp shades for an even cozier atmosphere.


Candles automatically make any room look warm and welcoming. Put them on end tables and your mantel, or add them to your dining table for instant ambiance. If you have young children or pets, battery-operated flameless candles may be a better choice. The candles look real, yet won’t start a fire if they’re accidentally knocked over.


Keep allergies in mind when buying candles. If anyone in your home has allergies, or if strong scents trigger migraines or asthma attacks, it’s best to stick to scent-less candles.


Use Textiles to Add Depth


Textiles add interest to any room and create a sense of depth that makes the space look more appealing. A plaid knit throw placed over a couch is both practical and attractive. You’ll stay warm while you watch your favorite TV show, yet won’t have to sacrifice style. Add throw pillows in deep reds, blues, greens or other colors that accentuate or contrast with the colors of your furniture and walls.


Turn your bedroom into the ideal retreat with flannel sheets and thick, luxurious comforters designed to keep you warm on the coldest nights. Area rugs in the bedroom and living spaces prevent cold feet while adding a little color to your home.


Add a Reading Nook


Cold winter afternoons are the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Give the book lovers in your home a cushy place to indulge in their favorite winter pastime with a designated reading nook. Start with an overstuffed chair that’s comfortable enough for a marathon reading session. Pair it with an end table big enough for a lamp and a spot to hold a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.


Do you enjoy home improvement projects? If you need more than just a nook, consider turning a spare room into the ultimate home library by lining the walls with custom-made or DIY bookshelves.


Heat Things Up with Your Smartphone


It’s difficult to feel relaxed when you can’t stop shivering. Thanks to programmable smart thermostats, you’ll never arrive home to a frigid house again. In addition to allowing you to select specific times to raise or lower the heat, some smart thermostats learn your habits and automatically adjust themselves based on what they’ve learned. If you’ll be arriving home earlier than planned, you can even use your smartphone to adjust the temperature of your home remotely.


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Amy Wood

Vice President of Operations at Country Classics

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