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The Rug Buying Guide

By Amy Wood in New Construction, in Home Decorating, in Home Remodeling


6 hours ago

There has been a major shift to hardwood floors, laminate and tile in recent years, which means floors are easier to clean than ever. It also means, however, that rugs are in more demand than ever, to warm up rooms (literally and figuratively in some cases), to add to the décor in a home, and to give your toes something soft to rest on while you watch your favorite shows.

Whatever your reasons for needing rugs, you might not have any idea where to start looking. Here are the basics you need to consider.

What Do You Want Out of a Rug?

Do you want a rug that is going to be in your home for years to come, or do you want a fashion item that you can update along with the drapes and the throw pillows? Knowing what your needs are in terms of longevity and style will help to determine your budget.

Size Matters!

When you buy rugs, size is a critical factor. Too large, and you might find that wrinkles turn your new rug into a daily danger. Too small and it will look like your rug is a little island, floating in the middle of the floor, not on speaking terms with your furniture. Ideally, you want rugs in areas like living rooms to cover the floor and go under the front feet of sofas and chairs. All other rugs should be bought based on the measurements of the room and furniture, leaving a couple of inches between the edges of the rug and the furniture or walls in the room.

Know Your Piles

Before you choose a rug, you need to decide what sort of pile you’re going for. Are you looking for a neat knotted wool, or a flamboyant faux sheepskin? Do you want an easy to maintain Berber or rattan style, or are you okay with caring for a furry seventies Flokati rug? It’s a good idea to have some idea of the type of rug you’re looking for before you head to the store, because there can be an overwhelming number of options once you get there.

Rugs for Color

Because rugs are a relatively cost effective décor item (compared with furniture, at least), they’re a great way to add trendy color to an otherwise classic and neutral palette. You can get away with a lime green or fuchsia rug in a room that contains mostly neutral and classic furniture, and when you decide to change the look and feel of the room, it’s as simple as switching out the rug and soft furnishings.

Keep an Open Mind

Finally, when you head out shopping for rugs for your new home, or to replace the ones you already have, remember to keep an open mind. Even if you have a color and type all worked out in your head, there’s always a chance that something different, unique, interesting and unexpected will catch your eye. As long as the size is right, you can play with rug designs and types. So go ahead and have some fun!

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