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Creating the Perfect Home Office in Your New Jersey or Pennsylvania Home

There was a time when having a home office meant little more than putting an old desk, a telephone, and a computer in the guest bedroom. You’d close the door and hope the kids wouldn’t come in and that the dog ... Read More



Community is Much More Than a ZIP Code

What comes to mind when you hear the word community? Do you think about a geographic area? Do streets and boundaries come to mind? Do you think about amenities and activities in a certain area? Is a community ... Read More



Easton Farmers’ Market: The oldest, continuous Farmers’ Market in America

Anyone considering living in Easton, PA simply needs to take a tour through the local farmers’ market. To call the Easton Farmers’ ... Read More



On The Border: The Best of Both Worlds in PA/NJ

Living on the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey makes it really convenient to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Read More

10 Ways to Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day

Dads are the best and they deserve the best. If you’re struggling over what to get Dad this Father’s Day, don’t worry. We have a few fun ideas that he will love and will have him feeling loved.

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