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The Essential Guide to Decorating your New Home

By Amy Wood in Home Decorating, in New Jersey, in new home, in decorating


7 hours ago

Deciding how to decorate your home is one of the most enjoyable aspects of buying a new home and also one of the most daunting. Thanks to an abundance of color, fabric, lighting and furnishing choices, it’s not always easy to make decorating decisions. Hopefully, our guide will make the task a little less overwhelming.

Start with Paint Choices

Paint adds ambiance and provides a backdrop for your artwork and furnishings. Once you decide on a paint scheme, it’s much easier to choose complementary furniture, curtains and decorative elements. This year, taupe and cool blues and purples are trending, according to an Apartment Therapy article. The colors are neutral enough to work with many types and colors of furnishings, yet rich enough to add character to rooms.

Not a fan of neutrals? Forget about the trends and choose colors that make you feel happy and relaxed. Keep in mind that multiple bold paint colors can be jarring when they’re placed next to each other in an open floor plan. When painting a large area, choose one primary color or pick two or three colors that are just slightly different in tone.

Avoid Mix and Match Furniture

The most interesting houses don’t look like furniture showrooms. Although buying the entire suite displayed in the store is a quick and easy way to furnish a space, rooms tend to look generic when everything matches. Would you like to create a comfortable bedroom that doesn’t skimp on style? Add an upholstered headboard or an iron bed to act as a counterpoint to your rich cherry bedroom furniture.

Mixing and matching wood finishes is no longer the taboo it once was. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that many of your favorite websites and home decorating magazines feature dark finishes paired with lighter woods or painted furniture.

Don’t be afraid to use contrasting, yet complementary, colors and patterns, when selecting upholstered pieces. HGTV’s color wheel can help you find the perfect color combination for your living room or bedroom.

Take Advantage of Your Home’s Unique Features

Does your home have an interesting feature, such as large fireplace or a wall of windows? Emphasizing unique features provides a focal point for rooms and adds character to your home. Fireplaces offer ideal focal points, but they’re often uninspiring. Make your fireplace stand out by painting the wall surrounding it a slightly darker color, or remove the builder-grade mantel and replace it with a wall of stacked stone.

Showcase your impressive view with by highlighting your windows with brightly colored curtains. Keep in mind that window treatments should accentuate your windows, rather than dominate them.

Foyers can set the tone for your entire home. Two-story foyers common in new homes can be transformed into eye-catching spaces with bold paint colors and a vintage or custom-designed chandeliers. Gleaming hardwood flooring, mosaic tiles or bold carpeting add interest to the staircase.

Don’t Overlook Your Sunroom
Classic Carney Sun Room Revised for Web-2.jpg

Sunrooms are often forgotten when it’s time to decorate a new home. They’re either filled with a collection of cast-off pieces from other rooms or given an all-wicker theme. Although wicker can certainly be a good choice for a sunroom, it’s not the only option.

If you envision your sunroom as the perfect place to start the morning or spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, you’ll want to invest in comfortable, overstuffed furniture. When choosing fabrics for furniture or curtains, keep in mind that some fading will occur due to sun exposure.

Emphasize the view with minimal window treatments or remote-control operated shades. The shades disappear from sight when not needed and reappear at the touch of a button or smartphone command. The same remote that controls your blinds can also be used to control lighting and your home theater and stereo systems.

Call in the Pros

When your free time is limited or you’d like a little professional input, call an interior designer. Designers can work with your existing furniture or help you choose brand new pieces that make your new home one-of-a-kind.

Would you like to put your personal touch on a brand new home in Central New Jersey? The luxurious Country Classics homes offer all the space you need to carry out your design scheme. Contact us today to schedule a visit and learn more about our current availability. 


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