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7 Things to Know About Hillsborough, New Jersey, Before You Move There

01 February, 2019, 09:00AM by Amy Wood in Hillsborough, in New Jersey, in Central New Jersey, in new home

More than 40,000 people call Hillsborough, New Jersey, home for good reason. The Central New Jersey town offers the best of suburban living without sacrificing any of the amenities you enjoy. These seven things just may convince you to make Hillsborough your new home town.

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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorating

27 November, 2018, 03:14PM by Amy Wood in winter holidays, in holiday decorating, in New Jersey, in new home

The winter holidays just wouldn’t be the same without the decorations. Brightly colored garlands, sparkling lights and whimsical elves add a festive touch to your New Jersey home and increase your enjoyment of this special season. Whether your style is clean and classy or colorful and carefree, you’ll find plenty of ideas in our holiday decorating guide.

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Tags: winter holidays, holiday decorating, New Jersey, new home

10 Benefits of Living in New Jersey

09 August, 2018, 12:04PM by Amy Wood in New Jersey, in Benefits of Living in New Jersey, in New Jersey Living, in New Jersey Life

Are you considering relocating but aren’t quite sure where you want to live? Making a move to the Garden State offers many advantages. Here are ten reasons that living in New Jersey is so appealing.

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Tags: New Jersey, Benefits of Living in New Jersey, New Jersey Living, New Jersey Life

The Best Towns to Visit in New Jersey

25 July, 2018, 07:00AM by Amy Wood in New Jersey, in best towns, in day trips, in Best Towns in New Jersey

Looking for a place to spend a few hours or days? When you live in New Jersey, it only takes a few hours at most to travel to interesting towns and villages. These four towns offer excellent day trip options.

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Tags: New Jersey, best towns, day trips, Best Towns in New Jersey

The Best Farmers Markets in New Jersey

14 July, 2018, 07:00AM by Amy Wood in New Jersey, in organic produce, in Farmer’s Markets

You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy farm-fresh produce this summer. Thanks to an abundance of New Jersey farmers markets, it’s easy to find juicy red tomatoes, newly picked green beans and tasty peaches. In addition to produce, many markets offer locally sourced and handmade products, such as honey, soap, flowers, bread and pasta. Here are a few particularly impressive markets in our area. 

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Tags: New Jersey, organic produce, Farmer’s Markets

Home Upgrades – What to Add Now, What to Add Later

09 July, 2018, 11:10AM by Amy Wood in new home, in New Jersey, in upgrades, in New Jersey Home Builder

It’s tempting to say yes to everything when you’re considering adding upgrades to your new home. Upgrades certainly make your New Jersey home more comfortable and attractive, but they can quickly increase your total costs. These suggestions may help you make the most cost-effective upgrade decisions when building your new home.

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Tags: new home, New Jersey, upgrades, New Jersey Home Builder

The Best Summer Getaways in New Jersey

08 June, 2018, 07:00AM by Amy Wood in County Classics, in Summer Getaways, in New Jersey Vacations, in New Jersey

Whether you’re looking for a quick, fun day trip, special place to spend a long weekend, or the ideal spot for a longer vacation, the Garden State doesn’t disappoint. From quaint bed and breakfasts to luxurious beachside hotels, New Jersey offers plenty of places to relax and unwind. If you’ve been thinking it’s about time you enjoyed a little summer fun, you’ll want to consider one of these getaway options.

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Tags: County Classics, Summer Getaways, New Jersey Vacations, New Jersey

Cost-Conscious Upgrades for a Home

01 May, 2018, 07:00AM by Amy Wood in New Jersey, in home renovations, in New Jersey Home Costs, in Hillsborough Home costs

Home renovations don’t always have to be costly. Even minor renovations can improve your home’s value and appearance. These five upgrades are fairly inexpensive but can significantly improve your enjoyment of your New Jersey home.

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Tags: New Jersey, home renovations, New Jersey Home Costs, Hillsborough Home costs

How to Improve a Bathroom's ROI

16 April, 2018, 07:00AM by Amy Wood in New Jersey, in new home, in bathroom

Will the features and fixtures in your bathroom help or hinder the sale of your home? Although it may be many years until you put your house on the market, the choices you make today can affect future resale value. When you’re choosing options and upgrades for your new home, keep these tips in mind to maximize your ROI.

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Tags: New Jersey, new home, bathroom

Princeton Shopping: 7 Stores You Need to Check Out

31 October, 2017, 07:00AM by Amy Wood in Princeton, in Princeton Homes, in Princeton Shopping, in New Jersey

Does it seem as if nearly every store in the mall seems to carry the same merchandise? When you can’t find what you want at the mall, it’s time for a trip to Princeton, NJ. The historic university town offers several unique stores that are anything but cookie cutter. Check out some of our favorites.

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Tags: Princeton, Princeton Homes, Princeton Shopping, New Jersey