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4 Nearby Summer Getaways in New Jersey



The Best Summer Getaways in New Jersey

Vacations are important for your physical and mental health, whether you take a two-week trip or only have time for a short getaway. Unfortunately, long road trips aren’t the ... Read More

Home Upgrades – What to Add Now and What to Add Later



Home Upgrades – What to Add Now, What to Add Later

After your first visit to your New Jersey home builder’s sales center and design studio, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the upgrade options available for your new home. ... Read More

7 Things to Know About Hillsborough, New Jersey, Before You Move There





The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorating

The winter holidays just wouldn’t be the same without the decorations. Brightly colored garlands, sparkling lights and whimsical elves add a festive touch to your New Jersey home and ... Read More



10 Benefits of Living in New Jersey

Are you considering relocating but aren’t quite sure where you want to live? Making a move to the Garden State offers many advantages. Here are ten reasons that living in New Jersey ... Read More

The Best Towns to Visit in New Jersey



The Best Towns to Visit in New Jersey

Looking for a place to spend a few hours or days? When you live in New Jersey, it only takes a few hours at most to travel to interesting towns and villages. These four towns offer ... Read More

The Best Farmers Markets in New Jersey



The Best Farmers Markets in New Jersey

You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy farm-fresh produce this summer. Thanks to an abundance of New Jersey farmers markets, it’s easy to find juicy red tomatoes, newly picked green ... Read More

Cost Conscious Upgrades for a Home



Cost-Conscious Upgrades for a Home

Home renovations don’t always have to be costly. Even minor renovations can improve your home’s value and appearance. These five upgrades are fairly ... Read More

How to Make a Bathroom Sellable



How to Improve a Bathroom's ROI

Will the features and fixtures in your bathroom help or hinder the sale of your home? Although it may be many years until you put your house on the ... Read More



Princeton Shopping: 7 Stores You Need to Check Out

Does it seem as if nearly every store in the mall seems to carry the same merchandise? When you can’t find what you want at the mall, it’s time for a trip ... Read More

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